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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ryan Betrays Simple Mano-a-Mano Trust With President

Remember that Ryan's "Path To Prosperity" budget was written after Obama gave Ryan a few kind remarks, calling Ryan's Roadmap a serious proposal and praised him for attempting to address the debt. Despite that, almost half of Ryan's budget plan is spent dropping bombs on President Obama, his budget, Health Care Reform and democratic leadership. That's a budget? Not quite. It's more a corporate-written anti-social legislative resolution of wealth redistribution designed to advance an ideological agenda presented by a cheap-shot GOP party hack.

Ryan doesn't owe Obama anything, but if he couldn’t give the President the simple mano-a-mano respect that Obama previously gave him, then Ryan deserves no respect from anyone. In a world where a hand shake is a symbol of understanding and trust – Ryan pissed all over Obama in his budget plan and then says he was surprised by the President's reaction and comments during his budget address?

Obama was being overly kind to Ryan calling his latest budget proposal "unamerican."

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