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Monday, April 04, 2011

No Surprise: Local Newspaper Endorses Palin's Prosser

Campaign Co-Chairman Drops Hot-Headed Prosser - Cites Conscience

Channel 3000 Excerpt:
Former Gov. Lucey Leaves Prosser's Campaign
I have followed with increasing dismay and now alarm the campaign of Justice David Prosser, whom I endorsed at the outset of his campaign and in whose campaign I serve as the honorary co-chairman," Lucey said in the statement. "I can no longer in good conscience lend my name and support to Justice Prosser's candidacy. Too much has come to light that Justice Prosser has lost that most crucial of characteristics for a Supreme Court Justice -- as for any judge -- even-handed impartiality.

Shadowy Group funding Shady Prosser Ads

Koch Brothers' Heavy Hand Behind Anti-Kloppenburg Ad, Everything Else In Wisconsin.

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