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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Challenger Lines Up To Face Paul Ryan

Saw this first at Democurmudgeon Blog. We already have one challenger gearing up and anxious to face Congressman Paul Ryan. He's Rob Zerba, a small business owner and Kenosha County Supervisor.

This is great news early because that is what it's going to take to defeat him. It's going to take a nearly two year committment and a huge marketing and message campaign to overcome the greased wheels of the RyanScare Machine and his media enablers.

I hope to hear more about Rob Zerban in the near future and it'd be great to see a giant field of challengers. But Zerban's got off on the right foot. Get out their early and make a splash. Now is the time.

Here's his For Congress page

about page

and more from Politico

And Huff Post


Alex said...

Maybe Rob Zerban could at least be competitive, but I don't think he could win unless there's a 2010 type wave in the opposite direction. I'd feel better if this was about someone like Cory Mason getting into the race.

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