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Friday, April 01, 2011

Bliss Communications - True Colors

Today's True Colors Entry. Changing the way we do business.

Bliss Communications
Owner: Sidney H. Bliss (WMC Board Member) Parent company of the Janesville Gazette, Messenger, Walworth County Today, WCLO and WJVL.

Bliss Com. deserves special consideration to uncover their True Colors because this media monopoly shows very little in recorded political financial contributions. But what they don't offer in hard cash, they make up for in a very big way in propaganda dollars. Despite Rock County and Janesville holding a general 55/45 Democratic bias in a republican year, the editors of the flagship Janesville Gazette claim they reflect the views of the local constituency best. So much in fact that they endorsed McCain/Palin in 2008 and Scott Walker, JB Van Hollen, Ron Johnson, Paul Ryan, Tyler August, Evan Wynn and Amy Loudenbeck in 2010 and David Prosser for Justice in 2011. Their radio station WCLO hired a committed corporate cheerleader and GOP hack in the trash-talking Dan Conry. The truth is, Bliss Com does not reflect the views of the area's core political values - they vehemently oppose them. They promote their own socio-political narrative in a clear effort to destabilize the area's electoral base. It is for these reasons and after years of close observation that I've pegged their daily newspaper and affiliate operations conservatively at $500 daily in GOP propaganda dollars and top it off with $50,000 worth in GOP editorial endorsement value. During the last election cycle, modest contributions recorded under the Bliss Com name have come from Jason Mielke, who also happens to be the new chairman of the Rock County Republican Party. Cash contributions of note were to Amy Loudenbeck - $400 and Ken Brotheridge - $100. For all practical purposes, Bliss Com is south-central Wisconsin's GOP media propaganda machine.

Political Propaganda Contributions in dollars: (annual)

Rating: FJ$ (4/1/11)


Anonymous said...

i love this idea "true colors" you're writing about. Could you please post more janesville businesses more often. I'm not aking you to rush it but hurry up ;o)

Greenconsciousness said...

Can you post some links to the Janesville Gazette where citizens can leave comments and talk about news the Gazette is not covering?

Lou Kaye said...

GC, you ask the million dollar question. I know Yuri Rashkin attempted to start a web-based citizen journalist type "newspaper." But I believe he did not get enough interest to go to the next level. I also have been kicking around ideas to start what would be an professionally packaged open-source blog for citizen writers as an alternative to the Gazette, but again, who to trust? Who is willing to provide work for free? Lots more questions, few willing participants.

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