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Thursday, March 10, 2011

They Broke The Trust - The War Is On

Wisconsin's Republican Senators found a way to pass Gov. Walker's class war anti-worker proposal by claiming collective bargaining agreements have no spending impact on the state's budget, while previously insisting it will save millions. Without it having fiscal ramifications -- they were able to pass it without a single Democratic Senator present. It's an outrage!

Breaking the collective bargaining rights of public sector workers will have a ripple effect in the private sector and throughout the Wisconsin wage earning population. Wages will be going down further, benefits will be stripped, pensions will be defunded and hi-jacked all in name to break unions and defund working class support for the democratic party. It's an outrage!!

While Walker's top campaign contributors get billion$$ in road construction money and a special $200 million economic development slush fund kick-back corporation, the rest of us get stuck with the bill and having hundreds of millions stripped from public education. It's a double outrage!!

We, the working poor and middle classes of America, Wisconsin and Janesville Rock County have got to start fighting back. There's a war on for nearly a decade and we've been held down in submission by a wealthy but small minority.

We've been playing only defense when pushed. We need to get on the offense too. National and local Chambers of Commerce and their media enablers have the upper hand. While the working poor and middle class Americans work day-to-day, paycheck-to-paycheck, the corporate masters and their affiliates have all the time, energy and capital resources to organize and strategize the hi-jacking of all three branches of government including local. They've held strategy meetings in places like Palm Springs, California with elected officials to destabilize wage earners and working families, while their employees toil away creating their wealth. Their strategy is to defeat the checks and balances of power and to demoralize and defeat their fellow American. They are the enemy within.

What can we do? Well, all politics is local and the state GOP and their operatives have not been shy to admit that the phony-ed up Wisconsin budget repair bill is little more than an ideologically driven class war scheme to economically punish supporters of their political counterparts. That cannot stand. We must reciprocate. We must match their routine and double-up the focus on their support base as well. At the top of the list are members of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce followed by their state affiliates like the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC) followed by local chambers like Rock County's Forward Janesville and the government usurping elitists of the Rock County 5.0. With tremendous help from their media enablers, these groups have been quietly waging a tax-shifting and power-grabbing war against the non-member population under the guise of job creation and lower taxes. The jig is up.

I believe the wage earning class of each community must look inward to identify those that have been working against them and begin economic sanctions. This is not an action, suggestion or position against economic development or business. At the same time, this is not a labor union directive. Or a teachers strike. Or a police or firemen's boycott initiative. It must be people driven in solidarity with goals to restore the free market bargaining rights we once had. It is however a counter initiative to the actions they have taken by supporting Scott Walker and the bomb throwing republican party.

Boycott Scott Walker Excerpt:
Money can buy anything, even a governor. Of course, when you buy something, you expect to be able to use it. This is what is happening right now with the people who bought Scott Walker’s governorship. Let’s strike back with a powerful tool at our disposal, the power of economic sanctions. The mission of this website is to help take some of the confusion out of the process of boycotting businesses that support policies that you don’t approve of. We hope to make it a little easier by listing businesses by type and area, and listing products and services that are offered by these businesses. They have made their will felt with their money, let’s do the same with ours!

In order for these boycotts to have any effect, we must bring it home. We can't be satisfied by boycotting products and services from out-of-state or national corporations while giving a pass to the local sponsors of this outrage. That won't do. It's going to hurt. But it's going to hurt alot more if we do nothing.

In Janesville and the smaller communities in Rock County, it'll be difficult identifying local businesses that helped elect Scott Walker, Joe Knilans, Evan Wynn and Amy Loudenbeck and boycott them simply for the localism aspect, but you can start by looking at this list of Forward Janeville members. The list is large but there are alternatives to shop at and spend your money. I'd like to see some help from folks who know of businesses that are not members of Forward Janesville so I can create a strong list of alternatives and post them here. You can send them to me at

Don't worry about folks who say they'll stop buying union, if they're comfortable saying it now, they already have long ago. Don't worry about folks who say they'll patronize these businesses twice as much. Good, because they'll have to. They'll have to buy twice the product and double-up on their subscriptions and services just to keep pace. Let them. We need the work.

The bottom line is to strike back with economic sanctions against the people that paid for Scott Walker’s campaign for governor. They are complicit in what is happening to Wisconsin and to all Wisconsinites right now. At the same time, this would offer an opportunity for individual business members of Forward Janesville to stand up with solidarity and condemn Scott Walker and local republicans if they feel they've been wrongly associated. Your support is welcome.


For starters, this is a short list of major sponsors of Forward Janesville and their legislative agenda.

ABC Supply, Inc.
Blain's Farm & Fleet
Bliss Communications (Janesville Gazette and affiliates)
Data Dimensions
Hendricks Holding Company
J.P. Cullen & Sons
Johnson Bank
Johnson Insurance
KANDU/Best Events
M&I Bank
Mercy Health System
Murphy Desmond
Rock Road Companies
Seneca Foods Corporation
SSI Technologies, Inc.
Terry Print Solutions

Forward Janesville will be hosting a victory party on March 29, 2011 at the Holiday Inn Express; Janesville Conference Center, 3100 Wellington Place from 5:00 - 8:30pm Keynote Speaker - Governor Scott Walker. This would be a great time if someone could pick up the ball and organize a protest.

Going along to get along is not good enough. It's time to realize that the person who wants to defeat us might not be our mortal enemy, but they're certainly not our friend either. There will be hypocrisies. There will be trade-offs. There will be collateral damage. But it's time to act!

The fight is only just beginning. The people. United. Will never be defeated.


Anonymous said...

Lou, here's a few ideas. People could save over $200 a year by dropping the Janesville Gazette. Shop at Woodmans, they're not on Forward Janesville's membership list. They have their own in-store coupons too. Buy carry-out pizzas from Prime-time pizza on south center near Kellogg.

LakeFXDan said...

Lou, this is a good start. I should add that Johnsonville meats and Sargento cheeses need to be boycotted statewide for their owners' support for Walker. Anyway, we need to get public actions going in Janesville, so people can get energized. We have a Facebook event page for a rally on Sunday at the Courthouse, but I'd like something sooner than that, and I'd like to start sending Knilans and Loudenbeck and Wynn a message as early as possible.

- said...

Why the hell would you target Forward Janesville members? Governor Walker was scheduled to speak because he was the new governor. Nobody knew he was gonna turn into this big of a douche bag. The businesses that network through Forward Janesville are the backbone of this community, just as teachers are. This should not be ever man for himself. If you can't maintain your dignity while fighting for your rights, then you should learn to keep your mouth shut!

Anonymous said...

Make sure to post all the companies, so we conservatives know where to shop, Lol!

Lou Kaye said...

-said, that's the problem. Rock County voted 53% Barrett - 46% Walker and that was when the community thought Walker was at least trustworthy. Many of the businesses are the backbone to the community - yet during the course of this latest event, not one has shown support for the solidarity movement. They still can. Hendricks, Sheedy, Pregont and the rest could publicly announce what a douche bag Walker is - right now! It's time for you to stand up with the majority - or to use your own words, keep your mouth shut.

Conservative LOL, please do shop at all the businesses we'll list to boycott, spend twice as much - we need the work. That'll help fund our boycott members to donate to the movement. Thank you for your patronage.

Anonymous said...

I regularly buy several hundred dollars worth of bird food and feed grain at this time of the year from farm and fleet, would you know of another business that sells those items and does not support FJ?

Anonymous said...

@said, if you think Walker is a douche bag, then maybe you could encourage Forward Janesville to canel his appearance. Anyone who willingly associates themselves with Walker will be a target of economic boycots.

Lou Kaye said...

You can try Mounds on Lodge off Milton avenue and Jack & Dicks on Delavan and Jackson. Neither are listed as members of Forward Janesville. I have no idea where their politics are nor am I affiliated in any way with either one.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the response on the feed. I forgot about Mounds.

- said...

Personally, I don't consider having him speak is a sign of support. I say give him as many opportunities to piss people off as you can. Let him come to Janesville and let the people protest. Let him and anyone who is there to support him know how you feel. Then you will see who the supporters are and you can quit stereotyping a group of businesses, based on the fact that Forward Janesville scheduled the Governor of Wisconsin, last fall, to speak in Janesville. You are no different then the people who are lumping the teachers unions in with the stereotypical unions we hear about(UAW).

Anonymous said...

I understand the intention here, but I'm thinking you're going to need to make a far more targeted and wise plan. As other commenters have mentioned, Rock County went for Barrett over Walker not to mention the fact that the Forward Janesville list includes Basics, the member owned co-op in town, as well as several credit unions. Mounds vs Farm & Fleet would be a bit of a toss up since the owner of Mounds was a big personal contributor to Walker's campaign.

As for Woodmans? Better check with the local UFCW - the Janesville store had some issues a few years back with Woodman's, their hiring of a union busting law firm, and attempts at decertification. I don't know how that turned out in the end so it would be wise to verify for sure.

Lou Kaye said...

Forward Janesville's legislative agenda is GOP. That is indisputable, yet it was no big problem until Wisconsin republicans went on record saying the budget bill will defund supporters of the democratic party. That cannot stand. Businesses need to consider the politics of an organization before they join. Members of FJ should never think it's man for himself and remember that the workers are the backbone of the community. Nobody is holding any members of Forward Janesville from voicing their views. Step forward in solidarity if you oppose Walker. I welcome their support. Like I said, I have no idea of Mounds or Jack & Dick's politics, but they are not members of FJ. Maybe that will change. I'm fully aware of Woodman's decertifying their union, but this is not solely about unions. But Woodman's too is not listed among members of FJ.

We have firefighters, police officers and school teachers that vote republican. Walker and the GOP don't care. There will be hypocrisies and trade-offs, but the bottom line is countering the republicans corrupt move to use their government position to legislate the defunding of an opposing political caucus. FJ has had plenty of time to editorize their opposition to Walker - they have not. Nearly everyone else has spoken up.

This is only the beginning.

- said...

I think Walker is completely out of control and wrong, but if you can't accept that people or businesses are gonna oppose you then you are just as crazy. And the way you are directing people with little or no investigating is ridiculous.

Lou Kaye said...

Who said it was going to be easy? - said, if businesses joined FJ without careful consideration to FJ's political agenda and leadership - that's not my fault. They are acting as one - a stereotype.

I recommend local people who don't want their spending dollars and retail dollars to be used for a political or legislative agenda that works against them should look over FJ's membership list first - if they want to check on other names further they need to head over to McCabe's Democracy campaign and look them up there second. I'm not directing anyone to buy from anyone - that's their choice. Whether Woodmans, Mounds or anybody else. All I can say is whether or not they are members of FJ.

Anonymous said...

Forward Janesville members (and any other business/membership group) need to recognize that part of their dues go for lobbyist activities. I mean, DUH!!! If you don't like who your organization supports, quit being a member. Otherwise the rest of us will assume you support their agenda. What has FJ really done for you lately?

Anonymous said...

Wow, stirred up a hornets nest. Businesses have every right to do what they want, just as those that patron them can take their business elsewhere. Like the M&I bank thing. The bank didn't give Scooter money but their executives did. The firefighters took exception to that and removed their money. The Republicans have split people into taking sides, so people are. This is their doing. This is the path they have chosen with their insane ideology. They can't cry foul when this is what they have pushed people to. When they chose to give people's money to business and corporations instead of back to the people that gave it to them in the first place, they drew a line in the sand.

Anonymous said...

"Forward Janesville, Inc. (FJI) is a non-profit association of businesses, individuals, and other non-profit organizations whose mission is to lead private sector economic and community development efforts to ensure the continued health and prosperity of business and industry in the Janesville area." **NOTE: Most businesses join forward Janesville for the Networking opportunities and there effort to attract business to Janesville, WI. I find it despicable you would try to get consumers to boycott these businesses. Most of them contribute to local charities, benefits and non-profit organizations benefiting the community!

Lou Kaye said...

anon 1:02AM, the least you could do is use your name, even a alias would do, with all your pride and all. But I find it despicable that you try to cover their far-right anti-worker, tax shifting, power-grabbing corporate republicanism with volunteerism and charitable donations. YOU should be ashamed!

Anonymous said...

"Forward Janesville, Inc. (FJI) is a non-profit association of businesses, individuals, and other non-profit organizations whose mission is to suck taxpayers dry, socialize their losses, and push Republican agendas to ensure their continued health and prosperity of their businesses and industries in the Janesville area."

There, that's closer.

Anonymous said...

As much as I appreciate the sentiment of boycotting businesses, think about the people who work there.
Go ahead, don't shop those businesses. But be prepared to admit that you didn't when they close or make cuts and friends and neighbors lose thier jobs.
I would imagine there are a number of people who work for FJ businesses that don't agree with FJ's political leanings.
I know I don't agree with many of my bosses political views. Should I quit my job because of that?

Lou Kaye said...

People will have to purchase from somewhere, perhaps those other local businesses can hire more when the demand picks up.

If members of FJ don't know who they are keeping company with - it's time perhaps to re-evaluate and go from there. Should you quit your job because you disagree with your bosses politics? That's your choice. Personally I wouldn't care what my boss does with their money - that's their choice too, but that shouldn't stop any worker or consumer from making a conscientious effort to spend their money where they believe it will not be used against them in the political arena.

Anonymous said...

So is somebody organizing something to protest this event or what! I have interested people but they need direction as were not experienced. We're fed up.

Lou Kaye said...

To the person looking to buy feed and grain, Mounds Pet food donated $1,530 to Walker's campaign. FYI

Anonymous said...

Judging from the comments apposing Lou's strategy, I'd say it's a good one. Money talks, and it appears that's all the Republican legislature cares about.

Anonymous said...

The Forward Janesville Event on Tuesday, March 29th is their annual dinner/meeting. It is in no-way a victory dinner. Any member of Forward Janesville is invited.

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