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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Paul Ryan - Scott Walker With a Smile

The Progressive Excerpt: (Title: The Truth About Paul Ryan)
“Paul Ryan is a phony and a disaster,” says John Dohner, president of Local 95 of the United Auto Workers in Janesville, Ryan’s hometown. “The people I know aren’t fooled by his smile or surprised by his votes. They see him as a slickster, not a friend.”

The Progressive Excerpt:
He accuses President Obama of favoring a “European-style welfare state” and, after the election, he all but called those who receive unemployment benefits lazy.

The Progressive Excerpt:
UAW member Diane Hrovaiten, who was among 3,800 workers who lost their jobs when the Delphi auto-parts plant in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, relocated work to Mexico, is not fond of Ryan’s plan. “Ryan’s ‘Road map’ protects the fortunes of the rich,” she says, “but for the rest of us, it’s an eight-lane expressway to destruction.”

The Progressive Excerpt:
“I do believe President Obama does believe more in economic redistribution,” he told Fox TV. “He’s clearly a class warfare guy.” But the class that’s winning the war in his district is not made up of working people.

The district is pockmarked with ghostly factories from one end to the other.

The Progressive Excerpt:
Ryan voted against new regulations on the banking industry in 2007. He voted against monitoring TARP funds. And he voted against modifying bankruptcy rules to avoid foreclosures.

In the meantime, he has opposed federal programs designed to provide immediate relief for people who are suffering—including those in his district.

It should come as no surprise that Walker's backdoor tax hikes on the working poor are right out of the Ryan/Norquist/Rove class war playbook. It's built on a bizarre orientation drawn from the fictional works of Ayn Rand, that the working poor and middle classes need less money in their pockets in order to liberate themselves from poverty. That's troubling enough, but if less money in workers pockets is supposed to give us a stronger sense of pride and individual responsibility, why then must the wealthiest require more money?

From the Internets -- Scott Walker and Paul Ryan are very much alike, neither will hesitate to twist a sharp object into your back. The only difference is Ryan will smile at you when he's doing it.

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