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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Only Heartless Gutless Liars and Cowards Would Cut SeniorCare, BadgerCare

With the story that the Walker Administration plans to jack up BadgerCare premiums over 50% in hopes to push anxious people off the program comes all the lame excuses...

Post Crescent Excerpt:
"BadgerCare Basic was never intended to be funded with state taxpayer dollars," he said.

That's not stopping them on SeniorCare. SeniorCare much like BadgerCare was intended to be funded in large part by participant's premiums. The problem with SeniorCare is it does not provide as massive a subsidy as the Medicare Part D boondoggle provides for the GOP's other contribution base, Big Pharma. Despite Seniorcare saving the Federal government millions of dollars and sparring poor seniors the high costs of Part D and operating for much less than expected (It currently is running a $20 million surplus!!), Walker intends on dismantling that program as well even after claiming he wouldn't touch it.

Fox11 Excerpt: (Feb. 9, 2011)
Gov. Scott Walker said Wednesday he will not cut benefits to the popular SeniorCare program to help balance the budget...

Excerpt: (Feb. 18, 2011)
On Rep. Evan Wynn --- He said the alternative to Walker's plan could mean layoffs of 6,000 state employees and cuts to BadgerCare for more than 100,000 people.

Wynn, like Walker, said the state is broke. Yeah, sure. Well, for everybody except the poorest of the poor. They could afford a monthly increase of over 50% to their state health care plan. We're no longer living in that "alternate" universe that could mean severe cuts to BadgerCare according to Wynn. He lied - Welcome to hell.

Only the most pathetic would unnecessarily cut BadgerCare and jack wagon premiums because it's posting a $2 million deficit while cutting Seniorcare when it's showing a $20 million surplus.

Nationwide, Republicans and their contribution base chambers of commerce have declared war not just on the middle class and working poor, but on the unemployed and destitute poor as well. Nobody but the worst kind of human beings would do this to the people that depend on these programs. There comes a point even in our compassionate and Christian society where the likes of Walker, Loudenbeck, Wynn, Knilans and August must be shunned and outcast. They're not human - they're animals.


Anonymous said...

Spot on post...except the Christian society party. We're not and the behavior these politicians exhibit is proof #1.

Anonymous said...

We've entered a new age of pseudo-Christianity where the good of the few far outweighs the needs of the many. Jesus has some serious smiting to do.

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