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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Local Group Holding Brainstorm Session In Wake Of Budget Bill

From Rock County Progressives,

Let's get together tomorrow and "get this ball rolling," Wednesday, 6:30 PM at Mocha Moment in Janesville (1121 Center Avenue).

On the agenda: electing Kloppenburg, "Come Alive on 5", along with ideas and suggestions for possible boycotting -- One idea floated is a “Vote Twice” campaign, the second being a vote with the pocketbook. Another thought was to call the project “Two for Tuesday.” The group is looking to see how much ground level support exists in Rock County to defend the working poor and middle class and wishes to hear from others in this common cause.

If you can't make it, please pass on your ideas about what you would like to see us do or pledge your support for this campaign to:

Forwarded by Chuck Ogg (slight revision)

P.S. You don't have to be a "progressive" to join this effort. Just standing up for progress will do. -- L.K.


Anonymous said...

Apparently Tim Cullen's knees are weak:

This merits discussion too.

Lou Kaye said...

Personally, I think what Cullen proposed is an outrage. Particularly in the way he framed the amendment as a way to prevent what is the equivalent of a filibuster and something he willingly participated in as a necessary action for democracy. It slowed down the ramming process and allowed for public discourse. And he wants to stop that!! If Cullen thought what happened over the past three weeks was an outrage, why hasn't he proposed an amendment to prevent the Senate from ramming the bill like the GOP did - that's where the shame is. Walker said Cullen was not one of them, I wouldn't be too sure about that now.

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