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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dirty Newspaper Spreads Vicious Rumor

Today's Janesville Gazette anonymous column "Sound Off" was loaded with all the typical cheapshots and political propaganda aimed at supporting the newspaper's GOP political agenda, but this time the Gazette posted a dirty anonymous comment they want their readers to believe carries a genuine but veiled threat of violence against the area's GOP campaign contribution base, Forward Janesville. Forward Janesville will be hosting a victory party with Gov. Scott Walker in a couple weeks here in Janesville.

On Forward Janesville:
Congratulations to John Beckord and Forward Janesville for selecting a college drop-out, who dictates to an entire state and refuses to talk with 14 senators elected by the people, to be speaker at your annual dinner. He should fit right in with your group. I hope you are paying for security.

Once a year, the editors at the Gazette detail all the time and careful consideration they put into "selecting" comments for their supposedly anonymous column. As far as I'm concerned, when Gazette editors carefully "plant" unattributable comments like that in their print copy newspaper, they are totally complicit in stoking the flames of division and fear, they own its actions and intentions. It belongs to no one but them.

On Bliss Communications:
I am not going to read the Gazette, listen to WJVL or WCLO nor read the Messenger until your editorial policy is more in line with citizens of Rock County. This is much more Democratic and liberal county than your editorial policy reflects.

This one was worth a good chuckle. My friend (assuming this comment wasn't written by a Gazette tool), it's perfectly okay to read the Gazette and listen to their right-wing programming. Always keep abreast to what the opposition is doing, and they are certainly entitled to any editorial policy they want to impose on the community. But it's all beginning to boil down to whether you support them and their advertisers with your hard earned dollars. That is the bottom line. By doing so, you support the Republican Party. Sunday's newspaper alone contained the equivalent of a $2,000 contribution in propaganda to the GOP party, its candidates and goals. That's how they contribute.


Anonymous said...

You are so right. Didn't the Gazette editors recently make a big commotion over a new policy limiting and deleting nasty comments and anonymous attacks in their blogs? I guess it's okay when they do it. Janesville should be picketing and protesting the Gazette. They all need to fired and Bliss should put the newspaper up for sale.

Anonymous said...

Lou, aren't you worried that Dan Conry will call you a terrorist and a socialist for describing the comment as "unattributable." He knows who sent them in, he pwobbably called in half the comments himself. LOL

Lou Kaye said...

That's funny.

Anonymous said...

Careful, Lou. You allow comments that are anonymous - albeit, with threats of boycotts and protests instead of violence. But don't criticize the Gazette for doing the same thing you do.
The anonymous comments in the Gazette are published in a paper; the comments here are published on the Web.
(And I'm going to take this opportunity to be anonymous.)

Lou Kaye said...

You're comparing anonymous comments posted on a blog to anonymous comments posted in a fourth estate newspaper as being equivalent. Thanks for the newfound legitimacy. Second, these comments posted here including yours - I do not edit, and I do not ponder over. They are there in real time without lagtime edit safety. My only choice is to leave them for all to see or delete them. Can the Gazette say the same? I believe there's a huge difference between anonymous comments posted here and those strictly filtered and placed in the Gazette, but you're free to think otherwise. Lastly, boycotts aren't threats - they are the will of the free markets.

Anonymous said...

You have a newspaper in your town that publishes anonymous comments - and people pay money for it?

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