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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Conservatives Insulting Women Not Insulting When They Do It

I'm been opening up a few emails for two days now from readers regarding comments made by the Gazette's rodeo clown Dan Conry about protesters at the Forward Janesville dinner.

I'm not going to dispute whatever he claims to have heard because I spent two-and-half hours roaming the area and I heard three, count 'em three instances in that time where rough language was used. I also saw many drivers respond with provocative mouth and finger gestures of their own.

But what I also saw was that the vast majority (over 1,000 estimate) of the protesters were respectful adult people who feel they're being ripped off and wrongly maligned - tensions are very high. This is not make-believe stuff. I saw absolutely nothing to be concerned about except some hurt feelings from a few fragile minded guests pulling through. Was the rough language justified? No, not in my view. But we're talking about adults here - the world is not fair - deal with it. For an ex-cop, Conry is showing a pretty thin skin. Not surprisingly though, the lowbrow Conry levels a steaming pile of insults himself, not at the single individual or two that may have hurled insults, but at the entire protest group as a whole. He condemns them (us) all. We can handle it.

Fortunately he makes his provocative remarks from the safety of his padded bully pulpit at the WCLO radio room a day later. No doubt Conry is speaking for the entire Bliss Com outfit. My advice to my readers is to stay away from this guy. He's looking to provoke trouble and hopes some will come his way. His show ratings must be in the toilet.

Anyways, I've created three parsed clips from his blistering attack on the protesters and added a fourth clip to the end from the beginning of a phone interview he had with Justice David Prosser. Remember, Conry called the protesters filthy and degenerate for hurling foul remarks at women we assume, but he beams over David Prosser as a reasonable and well opinioned judge. This interview just coming a week after a report that Prosser called Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson a "bitch" in a fit of rage, and threatened to "destroy her." Prosser admitted to it and said he was "goaded." Conry thinks Prosser was set up and eventually said of Prosser, "good for him." Obviously then, because Prosser is no union goon degenerate school teaching thug protester in Conry's eyes, Abrahamson must have deserved it.

But Prosser's a ...

Also: Listen for Conry's attempt in the last segment to set up an excuse for having Prosser on his show again because Prosser wants to respond to comments made earlier on his show by Kloppenburg, when Prosser then says, "what did she say?" The Bliss Com propaganda machine at it's finest. Mopping up to protect their WMC-bought justice.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure the police and firefighters that came out to protest appreciate Big Dan Conry's description of them. He is exactly as described as far as I can see, a POS, right up there with Beck and Limbaugh, only Conry is just a small town blow hard with no audience to speak of. Maybe that's why he comes off the way he does, a bitter, small man that thinks he's better than everyone else. Conry just insulted every officer, firefighter, and state worker that protested. Yet he has the tenacity to call officers his comrades. What a zero!

Anonymous said...

Conry trashs a thousand protesters then says they're welcome to call in and speak their mind. He's so desperate for an audience. It's so tempting to call in but Lou's right, avoid this guy like the plague.

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