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Monday, March 21, 2011

Another State Republican Confirms Defunding The Dems Base

An editorial posted in the Janesville Gazette written by Rep. Tyler August, R-Walworth titled, "Why the state of Wisconsin needs to reform its budget" contained the usual list of empty republican talking points. But among them was this brow raiser...

Public unions, who have contributed nearly $7 million to state candidates in Wisconsin over the last six elections, have been negotiating with amateurs (politicans) whose campaigns they may have contributed to. -- August

This sort of language on the surface seems innocent enough if not confusingly irrelevant, but there is absolutely no reason for legislators or the governor to even mention, let alone factor in and target the opposing party's contribution base for defunding as a key provision for reform in the state's budget. I believe it is this continued affirmation from the likes of August, that has fractured communities and families around the state of Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Republicans are not legislating laws and budgets for the common good through compromise and negotiation. Instead their entire "reform" legislation mantra is built on one basic tenet; to defund and demoralize the contribution base of the opposing party and their supporting organizations. The cat's out of the bag and it's the Republicans alone who have pushed the partisan hyperbole beyond the point of no return. If someone wonders aloud why thousands of Wisconsinites are now planning to conscientiously object to this outrage and begin boycotting businesses and organizations that contribute to republican party candidates, look no further than to the flaming intentions of Walker, the Fitzgeralds and August. They have no one to blame but themselves.

To think this is only the beginning.

View Tyler August's list of contributors here.

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