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Saturday, February 05, 2011

With State GOP, Odds Against Defending Resources Just Grew Larger

I think this was a powerful message of bold-faced "pay-for-play" lawmaking sent by the republican-led Wisconsin state legislature and Gov. Walker when they passed and signed a wetlands bill exempting a single parcel of land controlled by a well connected campaign contributor and real estate developer from DNR rules or the due process of court challenges.

For me, this puts defending our natural resources or the quality of life in our state and our community from the scourges of reckless development into a whole new perspective. Particularly now for the group here in Rock County who are trying to stave off a 5,000 cow factory farm from setting up shop on fertile prairie land near the eastern edge of the county.

All the diary owner has to do is contribute a grand or two to the Walker campaign fund or to a few "open for business" legislators and he'll have it all locked up. Who's to say a pay-off did not already happen?

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Anonymous said...

Goodbye clean water and pristine wetlands. Hello uncontrolled polluting, clear cutting and strip mining. Walker is a dictator, handing our largess to the corporations at the tax-payer's expense. Next he will roll back minimum wage and eliminate collective bargaining in Wisconsin. This guy has got to go. We need a champion to run for governor.

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