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Monday, February 21, 2011

Walker's Governing Style Helps Cover His Incompetence

Outside of the obvious, that Scott Walker has taken the national Republican corporate classwar position against state workers, teachers and organized labor, is the fact that he brought his well practiced "pawn it off on somebody else" incompetence when he was the Milwaukee County executive, right into the Governor's Mansion.

Capital Times Excerpt:
At his State of the State speech earlier this month, Gov. Scott Walker reiterated talking points from the campaign trail that "tough choices" need to be made to reform state government.

If Walker's budget repair bill passes, those tough choices, likely in the form of layoffs for union employees, will be passed from the state to local municipalities.

The above link came attached in an email from a friend, it read.....

This is what I've been saying since day one. Walker's fix allow locals to destroy their workers to make up for massive shortfalls that are coming in his state busting budget.

He starts by screwing unions, giving locals, to use his words, "tools" to screw their people. With the massive cuts that are coming in his budget, the shortfalls have to be made up somewhere falls to locals to layoff or eliminate their people. So he gets to say "I didn't lay anyone off." No, the locals will because you forced them too governor. Layoffs are coming if this passes or not, there is no way around it.

THAT is exactly how Walker managed his job as the Milwaukee county executive. What he refused to do or was incapable of performing for his county, he pushed back into Doyle's lap calling it an unfunded mandate - here YOU make the cuts, or you fund it and manage it - it's YOUR program. Now that he's governor, it's all in reverse and so is the screw.

Of course he'll likely get away with this as governor because he's deliberately reframing the screw under the guise of handing locals more power and control - but of course - no money.

Here is an open letter to then County Executive Scott Walker from the Milwaukee Area Labor Council in March of 2009, it read...

Marquette Tribune Excerpt:
I was deeply troubled to read about your plans to lay off at least 230 unionized county employees to solve your budget problems. Not only did you fail to inform our union members of these plans, but you disrespected your own employees by putting their jobs, benefits and salaries on the chopping block first, while presenting no other solutions to the budget.

This is unbelievable considering that you have declined hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal stimulus funds through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act that could save these very same positions.

I'm convinced that Walker is aiming to take Wisconsin's $50+ billion annual budget and screw it down to Indiana's level - about $28 billion - and worry about the carnage later. Everything ...I mean everything is on the chopping block EXCEPT tax breaks to billionaires and massive taxpayer fed slush funds for his road building campaign contributors.


Anonymous said...

When will the Gazette ever learn? If Walker's bill is passed, they'll lose hundreds of subscriptions overnight. People will remember to share the pain.

Anonymous said...

For most of the Nuzepapers around Wisconsin, the pro-walker bias simply means that good people will cancel their subscriptions and will then have to find another means to line their birdcages or housebreak their puppy. After all, isn't that the highest and best use of these right-wing rags?

Folks are getting fed up with the imbeciles who scribble out their versions of corporate press releases that magically morph into "articles" written by "journalists". TV Nuzemodels are the same. I made the mistake of flipping through the local Madison tv stations during last night's programs and it was obvious that the nuzereaders who don't know their heads from a hole in the ground simply cannot think on the fly. Vapid and banal, these bleached blondes and grecian formula fatties are performing electronic BJs for their corporate masters and the public is too often fooled by them.

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