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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Walker Threatens Lay-Offs. When Are The Jobs?

JS Online Excerpt:

Walker said Tuesday morning the state could send out layoff notices to state workers as soon as next week if the budget standoff is not resolved.

Speaking at the WISC-TV (Channel 3) studios, the Republican governor said he would have to send out the notices next week to start seeking savings for the state budget if his repair bill is not passed. Walker said workers would not be laid off immediately and a spokesman later confirmed that.

Walker won't even negotiate to negotiate the process of negotiation. Claims ending collective bargaining is necessary to solve most of the state's budget problems, then chides Democrats for not coming to the table. During Walker's "fireside" chat yesterday, he said if the bill isn't passed soon, he will have to lay off 1,500 works in June.

Let's see. He'll lay off thousands of workers in the public sector in order to "save" the money needed to fill a slush fund for tax credits and cash hand-outs incentivizing billionaires to create jobs. Got it.

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