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Friday, February 25, 2011

Shame The Cowards: 51 Working Class Zeroes

The vote was 51 Yea to 17 Nay with 28 Not Voting

Local republicans, Knilans, Wynn, Loudenbeck and August voted "Yea" to pass the class war bill.

Vote tally

TPM -- WI Assembly GOP Passes Walker Budget In Surprise Vote -- Dems Chant "Shame!"

Video: After The Vote (Credit: Slate Reporter David Wiegel)


Anonymous said...

I watched it live on Wisconsin Eye. I was so shocked at the manner in which the Republicans slammed the vote through. I am struggling with the right words to describe it. Sleazy, underhanded, outrageous, tricky, corrupt... none really fits. We may have to coin a new term for this kind of political shenanigans. I am ashamed to live in a state where my government feels this kind of behavior is appropriate.

Anonymous said...

I also watched it live, and couldn't believe what I was witnessing. I've written a letter to every republican assemblyperson, and 10 to both Knilans and Loudenbeck.

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