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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Rock, Net and Roots Shirts Now Available Through CafePress

Forgive me for the moment folks but I'm going to engage in something I've never done here before on my blog, a little bit of crass salesmanship capitalism due to the great response on my graphic "Wisconsin Solidarity Rising," state map. I've decided to link up with CafePress to produce a line of custom Tee-shirts and well...mugs, at the grand opening of the "Rock, Net and Roots" online store. I've priced them a couple dollars under market average according to CP's market pricing structure. The regular Tee's are just under $20 while we have a value shirt for under $12. The shirts are available titled with the original "Solidarity" or "Wisconsin" or "Progressive" for now. The image is a higher resolution with a much crisper outline of the state than what you see posted here on the blog.

Would appreciate any and all of your purchases. Believe me, you'll be supporting a great cause right now - the continuation of this blog in our common battle against corporate governance and the sold-out media.

You can get 'em here at the CafePress.


Nancy Chick said...

Lou!!!!!!! We've been looking for you!!!! Your graphic is the FB Profile pix for many of us. Some have printed it out on big paper and put it on our office doors. We want yard signs!!!!! We'd been looking for you to give you credit, so I'm so excited! I'll check out the t-shirts, but I hear you'll share the original file. Wow, you have no idea of the power of your icon. You should join the big FB group devoted to this issue and see all of the Profile pix. Let's talk!

Anonymous said...

I've been reading this blog for years. It is spectacularly underrated for it's blunt commentary and the powerful message of his graphics.

Lou, I'm really happy for you that something here is given the credit it deserves.

Frank Amb (you know)

Lou Kaye said...

Nancy, I've been getting swamped in emails so I'm getting a pretty good idea what's going on here. I feel very honored. Once I catch my breathe I'll cruise around the Facebook pages. But which is "thee" group as there appears to several large FBs on Solidarity?

Thanks for those remarks. Frank, I know who you are. Appreciate the plug.

Anonymous said...

Are they made in the U.S.A.? Preferrably Wisconsin?

Lou Kaye said...

Anonymous, some of the shirts at CafePress are made in the U.S.A. and they have banners on those shirts indicating that. They are approx. $1 more than the other shirts. I recommend you buy a few. Thanks.

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