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Friday, February 18, 2011

Paul Ryan Insults Protesters In Madison

Rep. Paul Ryan was asked for his take on the latest events happening in Madison.

TPM Excerpt:
"So he's (Walker) basically saying, I want you public workers to pay half of what our private sector counterparts are, and he's getting, you know, riots. It's like Cairo has moved to Madison these days. -- Rep. Paul Ryan

Riots huh?

Don't be fooled by the the slickster Ryan. He in no way meant to juxtapose Walker with Mubarak. Instead, he was equating Wisconsinites marching in Madison with Fox News Channel's slanderous definition of the "Muslim Brotherhood" in Cairo.

Here's why I believe that. Back in June of '07, a union member letter writer to the Janesville Gazette wrote of his outrage towards Paul Ryan during an encounter he had when the congressman compared union members to Saddam Hussein's oppressive thugs in Bagdad.

Excerpt From June, 2007
When he compared proud, American union card carriers with Saddam Hussein's terrorist minions, he slapped the people of his district, the state of Wisconsin and the United States as a whole right across the face. –- letter writer (proud union member)

The union member's letter received a rebuttal letter from one of Ryan's supporters a week later. It read...

Rebuttal Excerpt:
Under Saddam, if you wanted a job in Iraq, you had to join the Ba’ath Party. Ryan tried to explain the requirements in a way that residents of southern Wisconsin would understand that joining the party was an innocent way to help your family and improve your living standards, like joining a union. -- (Ryan defender)

Great, American labor unions are just like the Ba'ath Party. It's join them to better your economic circumstances or else face brute force and rape according to their explanation. Yet, near the end of the rebuttal letter the writer actually tried to imply that Ryan supports labor unions.

I know this isn't much new information, but that's the context Ryan and his supporters view unions. You have to practically reprogram your brain with the twisted polarity fields of an ideologically broken Ryan or Glenn Beck to believe that labor unions are little more than useful tools to spread a socialist caliphate of wealth redistribution and domestic terror.

In the riveting video below, Ed Shultz has Paul Ryan pegged perfectly for his tongue-in-cheek insult. Shultz' comment on Ryan is near the end.

Ed Shultz In Madison

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