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Monday, February 21, 2011

Local Taxpayer Jurisdictions Will Get Hammered By Walker


Channel 3000 Excerpt:
"On Saturday, Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said that Gov. Walker's budget announcement, now scheduled for March 1, will explain why negotiations and concessions in the repair bill aren't happening.

"I think that will be the other piece of the puzzle that will demonstrate, unfortunately, both education and shared revenue will take significant reductions in those areas," said Sen. Fitzgerald. "And the local levels of government will be forced to manage those budgets and the only way they're going to be able to do that is if there's changes to collective bargaining."

That's the plan. Blame it on collective bargaining. Got a toothache? Blame it on collective bargaining. Slipped on the sidewalk today? Blame it on collective bargaining. Can't share the burden among everyone to pay the bills? Blame collective bargaining. What you say? Local governments will have to raise taxes and levies? Yep - blame it on collective bargaining.

Look at the bright side, Walker will get to keep his promise to not raise taxes hook or by crook. He'll hand out tax breaks to the top and shovel out billions to his road building base.

Even if it kills us.

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