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Monday, January 24, 2011

Walker's Administration: Open For Business But Closed To The Public

In an extremely rare burst of candid criticism towards a GOP politician, the Janesville Gazette blasted Gov. Scott Walker for initially closing off the media from a meeting he held last week with the area's campaign contribution base, the Rock County 5.0. In today's Gazette editorial (not available online), the newspaper explains that only after some well connected local people made several phone calls, was the media permitted to attend the meeting. Walker must not have known that the Gazette is the propaganda arm for the wealthy road building group.

The newspaper however spares Walker personally of the blame and instead points the criticism towards his "handlers." Now the question is, who's giving the marching orders in Walker's administration?

Thanks to the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, you can view Walker's quick reference scorecard for deciding who wins and who loses in upcoming economic development decisions here.

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