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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

First Thoughts On SOTU

Obama's speech was visionary, uplifting and dare I say "progressive." What am I saying? It was absolutely outstanding! Kinda' confirmed my feelings about where Wisconsin is headed - backwards. I also liked the way he touched on education and school teachers. School teachers are nation builders in other countries, here they're treated like welfare scum if they expect a paycheck comparable to the work they do. Or that we should at least be celebrating the winners of science fairs and other booksmart competitions just like we celebrate Super Bowl champions. Yeah, like that'll go over well with republicans. He proposed some cuts to discretionary spending and said he won't sign a bill containing even one earmark. Both "cutting" remarks seemed to have drawn a scowling silence from the congressional caucus. We'll see how that works. I also liked his view of our democratic process and how long and sometimes heated and intense debate is the hallmark of our democracy. I wouldn't want it any other way either.

In his rebuttal, Paul Ryan made the usual tired and uninspiring remarks buried within a series of false and assuming statements not any different than from your average Fox News contributor. Very partisan and authoritarian with just the right dose of fearmongering. Instead of moving forward together, he brings up what he sees as the failed stimulus and policies of Obama and democrats over the past two years and how it will double the size of the federal government within a generation. Although I recognize that these guys have won the election, I've never seen such a successful bunch of losers like this in my life. But it was fun watching Ryan restrain his usual stiff-necked smirky bobbling head and cheesy fast-talking car salesmen-like demeanor. It must have been the worst ten minutes of his life. Two words can best describe the content of Ryan's speech - cheap plastic.

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