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Monday, December 13, 2010

Gazette Radio Bully Cheapshots City Council Candidate

JG Excerpt:
The candidate that has filed papers I pointed out Thursday, Is 25 years old, a recent college grad with no demonstrable leadership experience in business (whether starting, owning, or leading , Hell, I’ll even take having worked for a business!). That means knowing how to hire, fire, schedule, budget, inventory, and negotiate with unions & employees. There is no other obvious “real world” “real life” experience indicated either. A background in either military or civil services is something that would certainly get my interest going. There are no other displayed skills or abilities from this potential candidate that would garner any attention from me at all. -- Dan Conry
In that case, how in the world was Paul Ryan elected to office?
JG Excerpt:
The days of a 25 year old candidate who has simply worked on the campaign of an extreme left liberal politician & worked a short time for a politician out in DC, allows him or her to walk into the Janesville City Council and hold dominion over the taxpayer dollars of people who have worked and lived here a lifetime, watching their City go through one of its worst economic moments in history, I pray to God are over. A seat on the Janesville City Council is not a silly little position to start your political learning curve. -- Dan Conry
Completely uncalled for. To ridicule and mock in an effort to shut down a candidacy and draw idiotic assumptions against a person willing to step up to the plate in the thankless and non-paying Janesville city council because he wants to contribute to the community is beyond the pale.

People buying Gazette/Bliss newspaper subscriptions should think twice about the hyper-partisan hate-mongering they are supporting. Perhaps its' also time to consider boycotting local businesses who advertise during Conry's showtimes.


Anonymous said...

Who is he talking about? He just got my vote. You can see it already...the far right is strongarming in for the kill.

Anonymous said...

Lou Kaye said...

He's talking about Sam Liebert, a nice guy interested in civics and contributing to his community who for no other reason but his age and work in political campaigns is enough to be smeared and dragged through the mud by the Bliss bully. Absoutely shameful.

proud progressive said...

he is wrong on on point and right on another.

1. i would not call Tom Barrett an extreme left liberal politician by any stretch of the imagination.

2. He is right(and as you pointed out) that working a short time for a politician in DC is absolutely not qualifications. Its all paul ryan had and we know what a clusterf&** he is as a rep.

Anonymous said...

That's what I thought, he was talking about Sam. What a crock! Sam has more knowledge than this guy on the topic, that I can guarantee. Sam is a very intelligent man that will work harder than anyone and do what is right. I suppose this guy thinks McDonald shouldn't be in there either. People with the qualifications he seeks are what got us in to this mess. It's well past time to let real people take the helm.

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