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Monday, December 06, 2010

Conservative Brooks: Ryan's Mentality Poisons Discussion

As reported over the weekend, President Obama's fiscal commission failed to get enough votes for its horrific plan to cut Social Security, lower taxes for corporations and the wealthy, and to encourage outsourcing. The committee voted 11 to 7 in favor, but 14 votes were needed to send the plan to Congress.

Rep. Paul Ryan voted against the commission's final draft, but of course for all the wrong reasons. Simply put, Ryan thought the proposal was not extreme and "cat food" enough to his liking and used the commission's high profile and publicity as another opportunity to demonize the President when he said, "the plan accelerates and entrenches ObamaCare." Ryan's response was nearly identical to the reasoning he eventually admitted to after he voted for TARP.

Contrary to some reports, Ryan did not consider the nuts and bolts of the TARP bill, but instead "voted against his principles" out of his own hallucinatory fear that by not doing so, Obama would use the market failure as reason to sweep in a fascist liberal statist agenda that he actually channeled onto the President. As with the debt commission, Ryan once again exposes his permanently damaged mentality and pickled fixation with Obama. Others are beginning to notice.

One such other is conservative columnist David Brooks. Brooks, ever the compromising propositioner, even compromises his own perspective by admitting he has few policy fights to pick with the ideologically damaged congressman. During a debate last week at the American Enterprise Institute with Ryan, the one over-riding factor Brooks identified was Ryan's mentality to polarize the discussion as a battle between two starkly different choices, two extremes - the Republican's free market democracy against the Democrats cradle-to-grave socialist welfare state. Both obviously false narratives, Brooks concluded that it is journalistically wrong (a nice way of saying intellectually dishonest) to assume Democrats want to create a European welfare state.

Before exiting the debate, Ryan once again chose to demarcate the sides as two stark choices while touting his side as the "centrist coalition" that is forming will result in further isolation of the progressive left. With that, we can assume Ryan believes those that oppose his views are the only extremists in the debate.

Brooks observations of Ryan's "mentality" and polarizing narratives are captured in two segments in the video below.

Or watch the full debate here. (48 minutes long)
"the choice of our debt is so massive, massive...that it will bury the next generation with a crushing burden of debt"
-- Rep. Paul Ryan, Dec.2, 2010 at the American Enterprise Institute
Now kindly get out of the congressman's way while he votes to extend the deficit ballooning tax breaks for the wealthy.

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Anonymous said...

If Ryan believed in his own urgency about the deficits, he would be proposing to end all of the Bush tax cuts to help pay down the deficits. What a hypocrite!

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