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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Carefully Chosen Words Describe Self-Hating Radio Bigot's Philosophy

A few passages from Bliss Com's Dan Conry Show.
Talk Show Excerpts:
"Listen, I think this guy who worships at the altar of Fighting Bob La Follette up in Madison... a lot of you people don't know the history of the La Follette's - I do, it's very frightening. I don't believe in socialism. I don't believe in single-payer health care and a government run health care...blah, blah..bla.

"You can't accuse me of being a zealot. You can't accuse me of not being able to have the conversation at least. But, there are people out there who just feel that this socialist march is the way to go, and I'm going to fight you every step of the way. When people come here into this studio and sit down and won't even admit that they are a Liberal, that they are a Democrat or they are a Socialist...that's a bad sign. That's somebody who has very ill intentions. That's somebody who's willing to mask and hide who they really are. Don't be afraid. Just let us know who you are. This way we can can vote reasonably, responsibly and rationally...

...I'm not gonna be afraid to tell you who I am. Those of you who are afraid to tell me that you are a left-wing socialist...and by the way, left-wing socialists, democrats and liberals - that's the march to communism. And the communists? Yeah, they tend to have a body count of about a hundred million people after a while because the despots kick in." -- Dan Conry
The next day...
Talk Show Excerpt:
"I grew up in a democratic household, I grew up in a very liberal city. I grew up in a very liberal background. You don't exist in the city (NY) that I lived in if you're a bigot, if you're a racist, if you're a homophobe, if you have no tolerance for anybody." -- Conry, apparently explaining why he no longer lives in New York City
Talk Show Excerpts:
"There are too many gay people-liberal-drug addict-drunks in my family who will certainly not put up with me being a guy who does hate speech radio...or banging on the table radio. It's just not going to happen. By virtue of the DNA I come from ...(giggling), I can't throw too many know what I'm saying? Everybody relax, calm down...there's no accusations...there's no labeling..."
Dan Conry said he chooses his words very, very carefully.

He's such an irresistible sweetheart. Who wouldn't want to sit down and talk with him on his radio show? Hugs.


Anonymous said...

I'm boycotting any business that advertises during this show and encouraging everyone I know to do the same. The only reason I'm listening at this point is to know where not to go. The Armory, Star Satellite, Rock County Appliance, Ho Chunk, Napa, Janesville Comfort Shop, Fagan, Westphal Electric, Menards, Shumway Appliance, Boucher, Holiday Inn, Sunset Tan, Janesville Athletic Club, and Brothers Main, so far will not get a penny from this pocket. I've had it with Bliss Communications.

Lou Kaye said...

Thanks for that. Cedar Crest home for seniors is also a major sponsor the Conry Show. A letter writing compaign to some of these businesses might also help.

Anonymous said...

If Conry would admit that he is a right-wing national corporate fascist - an American Nazi in the purest sense, I think his guests would have no problem clarifying their personal and political beliefs.

Anonymous said...

Jeez, even the nutter Eyster is blasting Conroy.

Lou Kaye said...

Dan Conry is bad news. He said that if you voted for Obama or would like government run health care, chances are good you're a socialist. That's like me saying that if you didn't vote for Obama or were against health care reform - chances are great that you're a Nazi. Like Paul Ryan and Glenn Beck, Conry draws stark contrasts by spewing false assumptions and narratives to divide and conquer by painting everything in black or white, conservative or liberal, left or right - even for non-partisan office. If Bliss Com. wants to drag down the community through their radio show. So be it. The truth needs to come out about Bliss Com. anyways. Now is a good time.

I'm more than happy to oppose those views. They are supporting far right-wing national socialism - Nazi-ism. Businesses supporting the newspaper and the Conry Show are supporting Nazi-ism, anybody associating with Conry is a committed Nazi.

That's the beauty of free speech.

Anonymous said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I remember reading an article you wrote here a few years ago blaming the Gazette media for preventing party label talk during a city council election because you wrote they did not want the political party of their power base identified. or something similar. From his statements, Conry wants the same thing you wanted. He wants to identify the candidates political philosophy so we can all vote for the candidates we want. He's no different than you, but he's out of line?

Lou Kaye said...

anon 9:53, you might be referring to this post. But after 1,500 posts here, I'm not sure if that is what you've read.

For starters, I do believe the more we know about candidates - the better. That especially includes knowing what political party affiliations and political, fiscal and social philosophies, even for non-partisan office such as Janesville city council. At the same time, I felt it also very necessary for locally active political organizations and voter blocs to show their true colors as well. Labor unions and teacher unions usually do - Forward Janesville however has buried their party markers and refuse to publicly endorse candidates. Oddly, it was the union and union endorsed candidates who were bashed by the Gazette for their openness. On another occasion, when council candidates were asked about their political philosophy they all said they're "independent." I thought it strange again that everyone running was an independent while only 10% to 15% of the population can rightly claim that position. So, now we get to Conry. His BIG problem and mistake was that he repeatedly reframed, pre-judged and demonized every democrat, lefty, liberal or anyone that isn't whatever he is - as a communist or worse. I didn't do it - he did. He's made a huge mistake by laying down this framework. This isn't mere partisanship - it's much worse. So now he only needs guests to volunteer their party afilliation to fit them inside his deranged little box and use his radio show to beat those candidates into the ground.

And... because the dude likes to shit on himself with self-deprecation, doesn't give him the okay to shit on others and then laugh about it later as all part of the fun and games. But at least he knows what his opinion is worth...

Hope this answers your question and I thank you for being a long time reader.

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