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Friday, November 12, 2010

The Bush Tax Cuts For The Wealthy Are Offset

The Ed Shultz Show had a clip from 2002 showing Sen. Kent Conrad (D-Deluded) saying the Bush Administration's budget plans called for raiding $2 trillion dollars from Social Security to pay for his tax cuts.
"The (Bush) Administration told us that we can have a massive tax cut... and protect Social Security. Now what we're seeing is they got the massive tax cut, but now instead of maximum pay down of the debt, they're asking for the second biggest increase in the debt in our nation's history. And on protecting Social Security instead of protecting it, the president's budget plan over the next decade will be taking almost $2 trillion dollars out of Social Security to pay for other things, to pay for his tax cuts and to pay for other spending." -- Sen. Kent Conrad, Meet the Press - June 9, 2002
Fast forward to Nov. 10, 2010 and Conrad, as arrogant and sycophantic as Rep. Paul Ryan, practically delivers Ryan's toxic roadmap in an interview with George Stephanopoulos saying, "the Bush tax cuts must be extended until we can reform the tax system." And ... "the idea that you don't have to touch Social Security or Medicare - that's not going to do it. Hey, Social Security and Medicare are both headed for is not affordable."

The guest on the Ed Show wondered, "where is the Kent Conrad from 2002?"

When they say Social Security is headed for insolvency, what they really mean is because Social Security surpluses are no longer enough to offset the tax cuts for the wealthy - it's time to scrap Social Security and reform the tax system. It's an "affordability" issue. Watch for it in the video below.

Why do you think it's a terrible idea to bail-out millionaires? That's Why!!

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