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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Rock County: Second Worst Child-Poverty Rate In The State

Unreported in the Janesville Gazette over the weekend.
Wisconsin State Journal Excerpt:
Rock County was listed with the second worst rate, 20.2 percent. The relatively small survey sample taken from Rock County means the actual rate could be as low as 14.3 percent or as high as 26.1 percent, but economic data overall show it is clearly among the areas with the greatest economic problems, said Bob Jacobson, spokesman for the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families.

"They have taken such a hit," Jacobson said.

"So many things spin off when a big auto plant closes," he said. "There's so many businesses that get affected, from the plant's suppliers to the businesses that rely on plant workers as customers - restaurants, drug stores, all kinds of retail."
The Gazette, always keeping things in proper perspective, instead headlined in Sunday's paper that the city's two golf courses have taken a financial hit over the years and how city officials are tackling the challenge to boost revenue and maintain a high quality level of service while still being price competitive.

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