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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Republicans Should Buy Private Health Care Insurance On Their Own

Why didn't I think of this. Hat tip to Citizen Action.
Citizen Action Excerpt:
Ribble is challenging Congressman Steve Kagen, who has refused to take Congressional health care until everyone in the district has access to similarly high quality and affordable coverage. Ribble has made no such commitment. Ribble is running on repealing national health care reform, which requires Members of Congress to take the same health care plan offered to the public. Ribble has also campaigned on the idea of “decoupling” health care coverage from work, which would force working families to buy coverage on their own from the insurance industry without the new consumer protections included in the new health care law.
This challenge should be given to every House republican incumbent since every one of them voted against Health Care Reform and also every "repealer" candidate who voiced their support for Paul Ryan's "Roadmap." Under the guise of offering employees a false choice for their own individual account, Ryan's roadmap gives workers a government subsidized voucher in place of employer-based group health care insurance in an effort to decouple employer responsibility from this benefit.

Johnson, Duffy, Sensenbrenner, Lee, Ribble and Ryan just to name a few from Wisconsin, should make the commitment to purchase their own health care insurance without any employer or government assistance, whether they are elected or not, or forever shut their lying two-faced hypocritical mouths.


Democurmudgeon said...

I was preparing a health care video clip when I read your post here, thinking you said it perfectly for me. Thanks for putting it to words.

Check out Carnahan's comment to her Republican challenger in Missouri, it's short and sweet:

Anonymous said...

Yeah, because school vouchers worked so well. Works for the wealthy to get their kids in private schools while the public schools get hammered.

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