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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Newspaper Endorsement For Ryan As Empty As His Record

The Janesville Gazette said endorsing Rep. Paul Ryan was an easy choice don't laugh...

1. He understands the problems we face.
2. His breath of insight into the issues.
3. His knowledge.
4. He has risen to prominence
5. He debates policy on national talk shows.
6. His "Roadmap to America's Future" novel.
7. His "Young Guns" book.
8. Obama called his roadmap "detailed" and "legitimate"
9. He wants an "adult" conversation.
10. He acknowledges his party's failings.
11. He fears we're at a tipping point.
12. Newspaper agrees with his economic liberty and fiscal conservatism ideology.

But, something was dramatically missing. I mean, where's the substance? Where's his record?

Here's a few trick questions.

After twelve years in Congress, what has Paul Ryan ever done for the country? Okay, forget that one. What has he done for Wisconsin? Nothing, nada, zip, zero. What has he ever done for his district? Oh' my gosh, anybody? Take a wild stab at it...please! Something - anything. Well, if the vested editors of Paul Ryan's hometown newspaper could not find one substantive accomplishment to shamelessly grandstand for district readers - I don't suspect much different from anybody else.

Of course the Janesville newspaper's endorsement for Rep. Paul Ryan was no surprise. Admittedly, there was no way the editors or even moderately advanced citizens could possibly mention even one district accomplishment simply because there are none. That's right. So, the Gazette scores a point for not fabricating something on that issue.

But it really is not enough to just say that Paul Ryan has done nothing for the country or his district. I wish it were that good. Instead, Congressman Ryan has been a very polarizing figure on the national scene and in his contacts with the "little people." His rubber stamping votes during the GOP-led Bush era were directly responsible for exporting large swathes of his district's manufacturing sector and sending working class wages and benefits on a race to the bottom. His Roadmap is without question a calculating class-war heist designed to protect the wealthiest from paying their share of the country's snowballing debt. In short, Ryan has been a pretty big negative for the country and our district.

Their editorial however confirms the notion that Paul Ryan is a classic example of representational corporate government - Republicorps. That is to say, he represents corporation's needs to the government through his employment as our congressman, then takes those instructions back home under the umbrella of government to convince the people of those special interest needs - all under the guise of "your" choice.

In case you never noticed, Paul Ryan is not the one listening at his townhalls. Instead, he's the one doing most of the talking. He's slick at presenting a sales pitch to a captive audience - he's the salesman and a fairly successful one at that. His ballooning corporate funded campaign chest proves it.

Ryan's interactions and conversations with district media enablers like the Janesville Gazette are closely guarded, yet what little real information they convey usually revolves around disseminating his corporate DC "government" message back home to the people. While most others in Congress engage and connect with their constituents and frame a consensus in order to articulate their particular district's positions on the issues and their fiscal expectations into the halls of congress, Ryan is working in the exact opposite fashion. He's well schooled in a marketing plan fully approved by his Wall Street masters - and is charged with selling it to the rest of the country. Just consider that when Ryan initially unveiled his roadmap - he presented it first to the barons on Wall Steet for their approval. They applauded.

With that, Ryan's opponent John Heckenlively promises to represent the people, that promise alone is plenty more than Ryan has ever done. But with only a few hundred dollars to support his campaign, he is obviously a huge underdog to defeat the million dollar corporate suit. He will be swallowed whole by the big-money, big-spending establishment congressman.

Yet, despite the gi-normous lack of legislative and district accomplishments, his ideological hang-ups, broken math, hyper-partisanship, his class war road map propositions and all of the parochial incompetence and representational failings buried within his empty shell of spit-shined and greased armor, the Janesville newspaper concludes," Ryan is obviously the right person for this district."


Anonymous said...

Please list something Tammy Baldwin has done for Wisconsin or District 2. Two can play this game - YOU BETCHA' NOVEMBER 2nd.

Lou Kaye said...

Is that you Sarah?

Most recently, Baldwin not only sponsored but introduced the Senior Financial Empowerment Act, it passed the House 335 to 81. Of course Ryan voted against it. In the city of Janesville (actually Ryan's district), over a dozen groups comprised of business, labor, health care, education and builder's submitted a list of eight “letter” marks totaling $40 million for economic recovery to the White House Counsel. Baldwin was there, on the receiving end of constituent's angst and as their representative to expedite their request. Where was the deadbeat Ryan? He was somewhere else pushing his hyperpartisan "Young Guns" book. Chad Lee also was nowhere to be found. Baldwin also played a significant role in saving the state prescription program SeniorCare from the ravages of Ryan's Part D boondoggle.

I can come up with dozens more, but I'm still waiting over four years now for anyone to reciprocate in the same terms (even lightweight ones) what Ryan has done for the state or his district.

Proud Progressive said...

he walks in parades....

Anonymous said...

He's probably upset they didn't mention his hair.

Anonymous said...

H.R. 782 was Paul Ryans attempt to repeal alternative minimum tax on individuals and allow taxpayers to elect an alternative tax system. Also an attempt to make permanent the capical gains and dividends rate redutions enacted by Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001.

Also and more importantly. Paul Ryan along with Russ Feingold are Pork Belly warriors.

Ryan introduced H.R. 1294 the Congressional Accountability and Line-Item Veto Act of 2009. The idea was to authorize the President to propose the repeal of any congressional earmark or line item veto. A GIANT attempt at eliminating wasteful government spending. If we could get that bill more press and attention, we would give this country a chance to elect a President who would swear off Pork Belly spending and promise to cut any such earmark that appears. And allow that to not be an empty promise.

These are the things Paul Ryan is doing for our country. And he will continue to do. He also called out the BS numbers of the Health Care reform bill. You can't claim that a bill will make the country money in the long run while Taking from Social Security each and every year.....that doesn't work forever. Eventually there won't be Social Security to take from cause it will be dry. And Health Care will need to be rationed (which it inevitably will have to be under a single payer system).

Lou Kaye said...

I know you're not kidding me, anonymous. You really believe. You really believe making the Bush tax cuts permament. But shouldn't we, after over 8 years of the Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001 and 2003, as a nation be booming if the Bush tax cuts were so good? Or did "uncertainty" set in 2008?

The Janesville line-item veto in my view is an empty spinning that eventually will hand the same political power to the executive branch that members of congress use against each other to buy votes. It expands politics in government. I'm very surprised someone as smart as Feingold continues to support the measure. Even if it passed, it won't have that GIANT of an impact on spending because pork consumes less than 1 percent of all appropriations. Budget shortages due to corruption, inflation, currency shrinkage and undocumented waste are far greater.

But you really haven't mentioned one signature acheivemnent by our illustrious congressman for the country, state or district - only failed attempts on national policy - and I hope stay that way.

Anonymous said...

The fact that a politician is trying to do the right thing, but can't get support from others doesn't discredit his ability to represent his district.

I don't believe in Bush Tax cuts. I do believe in Paul Ryan's idea of taxing individuals who make over $50,000 a uniform % tax of over 250% more than those that make less than 50k. I'm also fairly young. I have been paying large portions of my paycheck to Social Security, a government program that will be dry and gone by the time I'm 40. I'm saving for my own retirement, like my parents (school teachers) did. Social Security helps them, but they prepared for their future with additional saving and investment plans. Much like I will, and like I will teach my children to do. It's not the government's job to babysit me financially.

I feel from your reading, that you think Paul Ryan is some sort of evil man. This just isn't true, he may have differing views from you. Which is OK, and the beauty of this country is that we can have differing opinions.

You are doing a great job of criticizing and I have upmost respect at your challenging of political officials, but I feel you are a biased observer. Let's see how you do problem solving. Do you, yourself, have any great plans for Rep. Paul Ryan?

What are you solutions Lou? How would you fix Social Security? How would you pull Janesville out of the gutter as a U.S. Congressman (not a local city official)?

Watching the game from the stands, it's easy to criticize the quarterback. Once you're on the field, it's a different story.

Lou Kaye said...

You have your opinion - and I have mine. The statement that SS will run dry by the time you need it is a false narrative. If they do nothing, at it's worst you'll still collect 80% or better after 2037. Nobody seems to consider the chance that alternative private investment accounts might return zero interest on nothing, because your entire savings could be gone.

Of course I think some changes have to made - but not what Ryan proposes. But whatever Ryan or anyone else proposes it must be presented honestly, without smoke and mirrors or commercialized marketing techniques. Ryan fails miserably in that regard with his campaign and his roadmap. That's my opinion.

For instance, Ryan has repeatedly said current SS trust obligations are lucky if they grow at 1% and that his plan for private accounts would return 4% to 6% or even higher, just like congress gets. So, why not dump the $2.4 trillion in SS notes into that same magic 6%investment account and still back up the principal with a government guarantee like he claims his plan does? Why not let everyone in on the action instead proposing ten or more roulette wheel options for individuals? Why should even one worker/senior be subjected to different risks than another while participating in a safety net program? Just because they may choose the wrong investment option? How do you protect SS by defunding it?

Sorry, but right now people have the luxury of both worlds, private investment accounts and a safety net. I prefer to have both.

There is a lot of intellectual dihonesty in what Ryan is proposing and how he uses his own hypocrisies against Democrats or anyone who opposes his ideas. He is not above criticism from anyone just because he proposed something.

I do have ideas and I have expressed some here throughout my blog. Thanks to the internet, citizens don't have to run for congress to express their views or criticisms, and until I see a draft Lou Kaye for Congress movement form, I'll be here challenging their BS at every chance I get.

Lou Kaye said...

One last thing here. Paul Ryan showed what he thinks of his constituents ideas to pull Janesville out of the gutter when he failed to attend his hometown's economic recovery forum. As representative of my district's needs, I would have attended and taken whatever "letter" marks the White House administration could not fulfill and insert them into congressional bills with full transparency.

proud progressive said...

I could just puke when Paul ryan keeps talking about wanting an "adult conversation". This from the guy who throws a hissy fit whenever someone disagrees with him. This also from the guy who dismisses any objection to him as liberals. He also had the temerity to say "I am like kryptonite to the progressives" which was one of the stupidest quotes i have ever seen.

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