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Friday, October 01, 2010

Adult Conversation Elusive With Childish Congressman

Participating in a conversation with Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz in the video below, Rep. Paul Ryan was barely able to contain his giggling juvenile pomposity while she was attempting to initiate the discussion on a respectful and mature level. With eye-rolling condescension and finger pointing, he continued to break in when it was her turn to rebut, deliberately destroying any chance to hold even a two-minute conversation.

What an embarrassment to Wisconsin and my fellow men.

Congressman - grow up!

The video posted on Ryan's youtube page carried a reverse directional message, is a classic example of Ryan's bold image marketing propaganda to marginalize his own disconnect and immaturity by highlighting it as the opposite.

Titled deliberately ironic, "Paul Ryan's attempt for an adult conversation on debt & entitlement reform."


Anonymous said...

Arrogant, self righteous, and extremely immature. Yep, that's Mr. Ryan. Please, just go away. Your kind have made sure you'll get yours, leave us alone, your not doing us any favors.

Anonymous said...

At first I didn't see your point, they both acted liked the average married couple. But Ryan clearly threw the first volley at 1:04 and again at 1:13, she responded in kind and then Ryan did his mocking eye-roll at 1:58. Mildly immature for today's level of discourse but knowing Ryan is the one calling for an adult conversation puts his sincerity to have one in doubt.

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