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Monday, September 27, 2010

Ryan's Hometown Newspaper Says "Yes" To Stimulus Spending

In my last posting, I challenged (as usual) local republicans, conservatives and local deep-pocketed tax-shifting business groups along with their media enabler, the Janesville Gazette, to start publicizing their positions on federal and state deficit spending for the local interstate and Obama's "stimulus" American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, and to reconcile their fiscal differences with their economically incorrigible political hero, Rep. Paul Ryan, at the ballot box in November.

So far, and perhaps more coincidence than responding to my direct challenge, the Janesville Gazette issued an editorial on Saturday about their position on the city picking up a $1.2 million Obama-stimulus grant earmarked for a business incubator. Titled "Incubator building could buoy city's redevelopment," it begins...
JG Editorial Excerpt:
Sometimes, you must spend money to make money. That's true of would-be entrepreneurs and established businesses, and it can even be true for government.
The newspaper even went so far as "it deserves applause." Of course, they did not reconcile their applause with Ryan's vocal opposition or mention the congressman by name or his role anywhere in the stimulus-built business project editorial.

But is this just the beginning of a major rift between Paul Ryan and his hometown supporters?


Anonymous said...

Why don't you supply a link to the editorial?

Lou Kaye said...

Generally, the Janesville Gazette does not publish their newspaper editorials on the "free" web unless it is republished by different news source such as the Wheeler Report.

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