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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Please Vote Today

Remember, in Wisconsin primaries you cannot split your vote among different party candidates. Once you vote for your favorite Democrat, you cannot vote for a different party's candidate running for a different office - not that you ever would.
County Clerk Excerpt:

1. The winning candidate in each party where more than one candidate is running moves forward to the November ballot for General Election.

2. If you select a Party Preference and then vote for candidates in another party, those votes in another party will not be counted.

3. If you do not select a Party Preference and vote for candidates in more than one party, NO votes will be counted.
It's pretty simple really.

But I can understand some folks not wanting to carry the party-line label on their conscience. However, selecting a party preference will guarantee your party intentions will be counted. In other words, your outside-party mistakes won't be counted, but the rest of your ballot will be good. If you don't check party preference and you make even one mistake crossing into a different party, all selections will be ignored and your entire ballot will be discarded. Poof! It's like you were never there.

Of course you don't have to check party preference, but I highly recommend it.

Also, believe it or not, I've heard of folks checking only party preference and ignore the rest of ballot thinking it's a one-stop convenience party option without realizing that primaries are multiple candidate races! Another wasted ballot, D'OH!

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Anonymous said...
"Tea Baggers pushing contradictions like Paul Ryan remind (me) of chickens helping the Colonel open a restaurant, then wondering… what's for dinner?"

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Anonymous said...

Party line only balloting. Another cancer on democracy from Wisconsin's progressives. DOH!

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