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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

One Down Five To Go - Johnson Snubs Eau Claire

I’d really like to say Johnson snubbed Feingold, but that was not the case Sunday in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, when Feingold showed up to the first of six debates at the command of the people of Wisconsin. Feingold wasn't alone however, the people showed up too.

Maybe it's just me and I'm too demanding with unreasonably high expectations of politicians seeking my vote, that's possible. Mind you, I’m not bragging about Feingold here because I expect our senator, any senator and any primary winner by any name from any party to be respectful enough to attend these important election issue functions when asked.

Feingold showed up - Johnson was absent. His campaign said it was too soon after the primary win.
Chippewa Excerpt:
Feingold’s campaign has accepted invitations from organizers of six debates in the next seven weeks, starting with an event Sunday in Eau Claire. Johnson told reporters in Mequon on Wednesday his campaign is coordinating with Feingold’s campaign, but says Sunday is very soon after his primary win Tuesday.
That's about it in a nutshell folks. Right from the horse's mouth. Johnson's campaign claims to be coordinating the debates around Feingold, it's not like the people of Wisconsin have anything to do with it.

Lets face it. Kids running one of their rich daddy’s captured supply houses are not used to the working folks calling the shots – Johnson certainly isn’t going to let them start now.


Andy Bartlett said...

RoJo has committed to participating in three debates. That's hardly avoiding voters. Russ knows he's in deep doo-doo and has to resort to this type of empty grandstanding.

However, your Doyle clone, train hugging, gov candidate provides quite a contrast. While you dems breathlessly wrang your hands, praying for party infighting(fail), the primary candidates debated and Barrett chickened out of all of them. Talk about avoiding the voters. Instead he ran lame commercials about getting his a@@ kicked. Sounds like a winning platform to me, lol.

It's playing out to be a bad year for the establishment, status-quo pols.

Lou Kaye said...

Showing up to a debate with 300 voters is empty grandstanding? Tell that to Eau Claire. The only thing empty here was Johnson's podium. On the plus side, Johnson's campaign won't have to spend a million reframing and backtracking his empty talking points - had he shown up to face the people.

Andy Bartlett said...

What, did Russ lie to these people and lead them to believe that RoJo was going to be there? The three debate dates actually scheduled to take place have been widely covered in the media.

So Johnson was never scheduled to show up. If Russ misled them, I'd think they'd be pretty pissed-off.

Russ's politics are old and tired. Out with the old and in with the new in Nov.

Lou Kaye said...

Is that you Rojo? Still trying to put words in everybody's mouths. But you weren't there to tear down your name placard off the podium. So how would know how angry these people really are. Boo-hoo. Feingold's showing up - you better tell those other two communities to take your name off of the placemarker - heck, you may as well not bother with the other three debates either.

Patrick said...

Nothing but a cheap political stunt from a desperate candidate.

Have you ever seen a candidate that wasn't desperate, demand crap like endless debates the way Rusty has?

Three debates is about average for a presidential election, it's plenty here too.

Andy Bartlett said...

Not putting words in anyone's mouths, just reasoning things through. Everyone knows what that stunt was all about.

What has Russ done the last 18yrs? McCain-Feingold? A reform bill that's been completely ineffective. Mr Maverick? While admirable, being the lone or minority voice on an issue doesn't get squat done in the senate.

The electorate is ticked. Healthcare, slow economic recovery, cap and tax on the horizon. Doyle's shady budget tactics, raids on the trans. fund, the illegal plundering of the patient fund, tax and fee hikes, zoo interchange fiasco, unwanted train, and dirty deal after dirty deal.

Time to take away the keys from dems.

Lou Kaye said...

See how easy that was. You've rattled off your concerns and made your point. Why can't your candidate do the same. You and I could start a debate right here on the issues but our positions mean little, yet that's precisely why commmunities hold debates - they want to know where the candidates stand.

My view is Feingold is one the best constitutional senators in congress, he's not a partisan, a double-talking ideologue, a corporate shill or a hypocrite. That's who I want in congress.

Sorry, but when any community invites the candidates and the incumbent takes them up on their invitation, if you're the challenger you have to be a fool to pass up the chance. Johnson’s arrogance is only outclassed by his stupidity. This is the bigtime now. It’s strike one against Johnson. Batter Up!

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