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Thursday, September 02, 2010

The Great $12 Trillion Bank Robbery

I would imagine most regularly posting blog authors have a closet filled of never finished rants and other drafts that eventually fall to the wayside or become time issue irrelevant and deleted. This is one of several dozen unpublished drafts that I have. Started in the summer of 2008, I haven't been able to fill in the gaps and close it the way I'd like, but thought it might be interesting to post as is, given today's economic condition.

Speaking about crony capitalism, it was Congressman Paul Ryan and the rest of the Republican-led majority of recent who pushed economic policies that deleveraged workers and eventually the U.S. economy into an imbalanced market.

Capital is like water. No matter the volume or the speed or size of expansion – it seeks its own level - always. The biggest untruth preached by GOPer's like Ryan and Club for Growthers is the false assumption that perpetual and rapid growth must be created to deny a zero sum environment. Ryan helped pull the stopper off capital drains like China, India, Mexico, tax shelters, tax cuts to the wealthy, Greenspan Fed policies, outsource incentives and deregulation just to name a few. They were opened up under the guise of free market expansion and investment but actually had the opposite effect – they quickly brought domestic growth to a standstill which eventually led to our suddenly new found level in our once stable and secure expanding zero-sum economic environment. But the major problem is that the level has dropped dramatically enough that many boats no longer float.

Enter the Bush Depression.

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