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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

No Retraction From Newspaper For Swift Boat

Now that over a week has passed since the Janesville Gazette characterized a local decorated Viet Nam vet's combat action as played dead while under attack, we can safely assume the vet won't be receiving a retraction or apology anytime soon if ever.

That's too bad because the Gazette editors will have missed a golden opportunity to show they recognize their error and made an attempt expected of professionals to rise above the fray.

This could have been an easy one too because most newspapers issue retractions and corrections all the time - but the Gazette must feel they have no regrets and nothing to correct. That's the way it is.

Yet, I can't help but think what an apology or retraction could have looked like given the awkward circumstances - it could have went something like this...

"We've made an editing error transcribing your daughter's responses for the story that might lead some of our readers to misinterprete the statement. We want to let you know that despite the differences between us, we have no doubt of your honorable combat service to our country and that any implied doubt or mischaracterization was completely unintentional. Sorry for any misunderstanding on this matter."

Not a chance. Instead, the Gazette ran a series of comments at the top of their fraudulent anonymous "Sound Off" column in last Wednesday's paper in what appears to be the editor's back-handed way of rubbing even more salt into the wounds by assuring the journalist of his remarkably precise works.

Stay classy, Gazette.


Anonymous said...

The Gazette should be boycotted.

Richard Costerisan said...

I have been boycotting the Gazette's biased rag for the past several decades. They have continued their slide into the right-wing abyss of conservative hate while denying their responsibility to protect the trust endowed them by our constitution. Our soldiers fight and die every day to protect this right and they are not even aware of it. How could they be, they're too busy waving the flag and talking about political issues they don't even understand. What will America look like if they have their way? I'm sure it won't look like anything I fought for. Yes, they owe me an apology and every other veteran who served our nation proudly. What a disgrace they are!

Lou Kaye said...

Thanks for commenting RC.

This time, I actually expected someone at the paper would know a major mistake when they see one and issue something - anything. That's why I waited a week before writing this. I was wrong. Over the years I have encountered other vets who felt they were maligned by the Gazette for one reason or another. Although I don't have enough to go on to outline a pattern, they definitely have relationship hang-ups when it comes to our soldiers.

We can expect the paper to go overboard on local military stories for awhile - that's how they respond. Not with dignity but with superiority-complex driven damage control.

Anonymous said...

Lou - why don't you encourage your readers to boycott the Gazette? You certainly have enough proof on your blog to make a strong case for it. Why not?

Lou Kaye said...

As much as I believe in boycott action, I'll let others decide if they want to organize a group boycott and support their efforts if they do. People in Janesville are so economically and politically disempowered, I can't believe many folks would have the stomach for it.

Anonymous said...

People don't have the "stomach" to do anything anymore. Sure, they want something done, but they don't want to be the ones to do it.

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