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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Corporate Power Blowing In State's Wind Industry

Just like Wisconsin's Video Competition Act proved to be a stacked deck of cards against local control by relentless corporate power, the PSC appointed Wind Siting Council also was heavily stacked with profit-driven wind proponents bent on restricting local government authority as much as possible.

It's even more troubling when environmental groups step up and pinch-hit for corporate power hitters in the name of crushing local rules that are "holding up some projects" and declare Wisconsin as "not a good place to do business."

Old Patchwork of Rules - Meet The New Patchwork Of Rules

Last week, the wind advisory panel completed its work on statewide wind farm siting rules by adopting their report on a 11-4 vote. The minority group members wrote a dissenting viewpoint that included stricter health and safety rules and a plan to protect property values. They wrote...
Wind Watch Excerpt:
“When people are abandoning their homes, when they find it difficult or impossible to sell their homes, when symptoms experienced in the vicinity of wind turbines do not occur in other environments, it is not useful to dismiss such reports as inaccurate or hysterical.”
"Nonsense" writes the state health officer....
Wind Watch Excerpt:
In a letter to the Council, State Health Officer Seth Foldy stated, “Current scientific evidence is not sufficient to support a conclusion that contemporary wind turbines cause adverse health outcomes” at the setbacks proposed by the Siting Council. He resists the dissenters’ opinion that turbines are keeping people awake. “Symptoms such as sleep disturbance and headache are common and caused by a wide variety of conditions,” he writes.
A few days later in what appears to be a direct contradiction to the health officer's opinion.
Daily Reporter Excerpt:
MADISON, Wis. (AP) — State utility regulators will consider a recommendation that homeowners who live near wind farms be compensated for concerns about noise and reduced property value.
At this point, I don't put much trust in anybody on this deal. But you know the first sign of systemic setback failure is when compensation must be considered for those who live where evidence doesn't exist for their concerns. Somebody should call a mistrial.

There is little doubt that green energy is an inherently “liberal” solution to help wean us off of fossil fuel problems – but by throwing in with corporate interests at the expense of property rights and personal peace and enjoyment – liberals and environmentalists are not only wasting valuable political capital and their reputation in standing for the common good, but are also allowing the renewal energy industry to fall to the same oppressive money masters and con artists that have corrupted the free market system and wrecked our economy. That to me, is perhaps the worst revelation to come out from Wisconsin's wind siting council.

Video: Watching The Wind Flicker

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