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Saturday, July 03, 2010

Lay On Ground, Light Fuse, Get Away

How many kids (and grown-ups) read that warning on a package of firecrackers or rockets and well... just completely ignore it. Rules were made to be broken I suppose. But in that vein of playful civil disobedience for many comes another backyard display of what should be harmless Fourth of July summertime fun unfortunately ending up in the emergency room or worse.

From Chicago Now, a website operated by the Chicago Tribune, is a series of youtube videos showing scenes of illegal fireworks activity in and around the city of Chicago along with some urban legend advice on how to throw a good fireworks party. Among some of the scenes in the videos are the setting off of commercial grade rockets in narrow back alleys, roman candle fights and foolish teenagers blowing off rockets literally ...out of their ass!

The video below is a sample of one of the less moronic ones as 8,500 bottle rockets are lined up in what appears to be a chainlink fence panel.

Those who know better should at least get a chuckle out of the willful shenanigans carried out by some of the folks in these videos. But I don't want to give anyone ideas here, this posting is meant to be a public service message first with some black comedy entertainment value.

Have a great Fourth of July holiday weekend. But above all else - play it safe.

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