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Monday, July 19, 2010

Anger-Baiting Reactionary Trying To Intimidate Candidates

Just when I thought I've finally heard the end of the unfounded, false and malicious accusations against the Rock County Coroner comes yet another trumped-up fabrication.

This time it's from the self-described "We the People" blogger, John Eyster, operating under the umbrella of the Janesville Gazette. In his posting, he describes how offended he was after reading that the Rock County Coroner, Jenifer Keach, is challenging the nomination papers of her opponent in September’s primary election. She's trying to kill an open primary!! Really!

In his posting, he starts an argument with himself by claiming submitted candidacy petitions should be assumed to be valid, yet then claims it's perfectly fine to challenge candidacy petitions. But, he implies that if an incumbent initiates the challenge, the incumbent is being overly aggressive, self-serving and stifling the competition - and the incumbent might change the outcome of the review some way, somehow.

Apparently he would much rather have the political party or a third-party interest, possibly the member of a special interest clique challenge the petition. But he tears down those challenges also. In one of his response comments, he explains she should have had someone else file for review of the nominating petitions. What, and risk more newspaper rumors of being too incompetent to do it herself or having political cronies do the work for her? With so much cynicism and apparent concern displayed for process, one has to ask why Eyster didn't offer to surrogate for candidates and incumbents and challenge all county office petitions himself? Never can be too sure, right? But that isn't the real issue here.

After reading his entire post, I had trouble trying to match his escalating passion for one candidate's validity by condemning an incumbent who dares question that validity, formed on his baseless assertions. They don't add up. My first thought was, "What is he trying to cover up?" Is there really something wrong with the challenger's papers? Is he trying to damage the coroner and the office no matter the review's outcome? Is the coroner's challenger a member of one of those power-grabbing elite cliques that Eyster actually warns us about? But I'm not a rumor monger, so my questions are just that - they're questions.

But his misguided statements, loaded with even more directly posed yet baseless accusations and assuming "facts" really aren't worth the analysis I'd normally like to give it. His posting is an unwarranted personal attack that stands on its own weirdly contrived and politically dysfunctional merit. It should be condemned by any truth seeker and filed with the rest of the unfounded accusations and rumors sown and grown by the Janesville Gazette against their political adversaries - in the garbage can.

Note: This posting is the independent perspective of its author and was written with no collaboration with any candidate or under the auspices of any newspaper or political organization.


Anonymous said...

Eyster reminds me of one of those self-righteous televangelists spewing hellfire and damnation. In the end we find out they have twisted souls and dirty little secrets. I wonder what Eyster's secret is? What is his relationship to Holder? He seems pretty determined to give her the benefit of the doubt. Is he her campaign advisor perhaps? Would his rant then be considered political campaigning on Holder's behalf? Does he represent a registered political action committee? The state should look into this.

Anonymous said...

I avoid Eyster's rantings as much as possible. Most are difficult to read and often don't make sense. The UW should review his adjunct professorship.

Richard L. Costerisan said...

He fails to show a real grasp of the subject he professes to be an expert on.

Anonymous said...

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