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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Walker, Neumann Propose Tax Heist For Highways

This article, about the future of state funding for highway maintenance and construction, seemed to show the top three candidates for governor were in agreement about the budgeting problems created by "raiding" so-called segregated funds and tax revenue streams. Until the Republicans opened up and showed their true colors.
Walker also said he would divert sales tax revenue from new cars into the transportation fund. That money — estimated to be about $516 million for 2011 — now goes into the general fund. Its removal could force cuts to other state programs.
Neumann too also proposed raids on the general fund.
And like Walker, he supports a constitutional amendment to protect the transportation fund.

Neumann also said he would divert sales taxes generated from other transportation-related items such as auto supplies — which now go to the general fund — into the transportation fund.
How they can bitch and moan about Democrats "raiding" so-called segregated funds and propose diverting and earmarking general fund money for special interest purposes in the same article in the same breath without challenge is totally mind-numbing.

Clearly, Republicans proved without a doubt they never had a problem about diverting or raiding so-called segregated tax revenue streams if it benefits their pothole filling campaign donors. What they propose is exactly what they have disingenuously complained about for the past eight years - only worse.

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