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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

IWF's H-D Report: Combined Reporting Not An Issue

Despite pleas from Harley-Davidson not to politicize state tax policy (combined reporting) in their efforts to extract concessions from its labor union, local Republican candidates continue to denigrate and waste Wisconsin's business climate in their misleading tax campaign against Democrats.
IWF Excerpt:
(Titled - Harley-Davidson: No reason to re-open corporate tax loopholes
Combined reporting is designed to ensure tax fairness. Because some large corporations were able to use legal techniques to eliminate their Wisconsin tax liability, other firms — all other taxpayers, in fact — were required to pay more to make up the difference. It was a slanted playing field favoring the largest companies willing to be the most aggressive in their tax-avoidance tactics.
Those who continue to use Harley-Davidson to attack Wisconsin revenue policies, and those who argue that combined reporting damages a state’s job totals, are all making spurious claims unsupported by the facts. -- IWF

Read the full Institute For Wisconsin's Future (IWF) report here.

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Anonymous said...

How much will Wisconsin collect after Harley moves its offices to Texas and jobs to China? I'm sure those Harley workers will be very happy for the fine work those leftists over at IWF are doing.


Lou Kaye said...

I don't quite get your free market logic. So you're saying that if IWF didn't make such a strong case for combined reporting - combined reporting would be eliminated and HD would stop seeking $54 million in concessions from their workers? And HD would no longer dream of China, Mexico or Texas?

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