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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Woodman's Losing More Than Mental Health Coverage

In a principled yet courageous decision, Madison’s clubhouse for the mentally ill, the Yahara House, will yank its $24,000 annual grocery account Monday from Woodman’s Food Market due to the grocery retailer’s recent decision to drop mental health coverage for their employees.
Capital Times Excerpt:
“As a mental health treatment program, Yahara House does not wish to give its business to a merchant who sees mental health treatment as less critical than physical health treatment,” wrote Yahara members in a May 12 letter sent to the grocery retailer.
Woodman's response was, "Yahara who?"
More>>> at the Capital Times.

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Linda said...

Mental Health is important in all the condition. The article is telling the Woodman's Losing More Than Mental Health Coverage.

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