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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rock County DA and Sheriff Will Likely Be Board's Next Target

Democracy Is At Stake
The Gazette's "political" blogger makes his case that offices such as the county coroner's should be stripped away from voters because it is an administrative office. Based on that premise and considering that his view meshes tightly with the power-grabbing bloc on the county board, chances are very high that the administrative offices of DA and Sheriff's office will be next in line to fall.

Gazette blog excerpt:
I am totally unable to comprehend that whether a person is a Democrat or Republican makes any difference whatsoever in the administrative role of the coroner. Can you help me understand? We need and deserve ACCOUNTABILITY of the coroner.
Or in the administrative role of sheriff, district attorney, clerk or treasurer. So why is the coroner always first to be continually singled out?

In fact, if the voter's rights are canceled tonight in favor of a phony non-partisan appointment process, it would be gross discrimination, both political and personal, not to offer the same level of board accountability and professionalism (facetious) to all elective administrative county offices.


At The Rock County Court house - 6 PM
County Board Room/ Courtroom H
Fourth Floor Court House East
Board will convene to strip first of three administrative offices away from Rock County voters.
Democracy is at stake!


Anonymous said...

This office is first because it's any easy target. They just kept at it until they broke everyone down. How sad.

Anonymous said...

According to some board members, it's not personal or political. So why has it always been the coroner’s office first and only when it comes to this? Why haven’t they done this to Spoden or O’leary?

The county board should have to explain the differences and why they are not doing the same to the sheriff or DA tonight. Clearly, the coroner has been continually singled out and attacked. It is and always was personal and for more power.

By the way, great post.

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