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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Paul Ryan - Our Jeckyl And Hyde Congressman

The Janesville Gazette published a grandiose if not mindless article about Rep. Paul Ryan's statement challenging the claim by General Motors and the Obama administration that GM has paid off its bailout loan from the federal government.

The indisputable truth is - GM did pay off the loan portion of the bail-out package. The rest of the money invested into GM was not a loan - it was collateralized with GM assets. The government still holds GM stock — a 61 percent share in GM — to account for the rest of the money. If GM does well, the company expects to repurchase a sizable portion of the remaining equity stake (not loaned money) with funds earned via a public stock offering.

That's plenty more than Ryan can say for the $1 trillion and counting debt he sold us into with the Iraq War. Our children will be paying for that debacle with no hope for anyone buying that debt off simply because there are no assets to sell - ever.

So what exactly was Ryan challenging? Absolutely nothing. Then Ryan has the nerve balls to say this...
JG Excerpt:
“If anyone is owed a clear and honest explanation, it is those hit hardest by the downturn in the auto industry, including those I serve in Janesville, Kenosha, Oak Creek and the surrounding communities in southern Wisconsin,” Ryan said.

Yeah, like from Ryan when he voted against extending unemployment to those hardest hit in his district.
JG Excerpt:
Democrat Paulette Garin of Kenosha, who is still considering a run against Ryan, called Ryan’s vote “reprehensible.” Ryan said his vote signaled his displeasure with a measure that increases the national debt.
Signaled his displeasure??? While 3,000 Rock County residents would have lost any chance to stay afloat and feed their families?
JG Excerpt:
He blatantly ignores the needs of his constituents, especially those in his hometown of Janesville,” Garin charged. “… If the vote doesn’t benefit his corporate benefactors, he’s going to vote ‘no.’ If he can’t privatize it, he's going to vote ‘no.’” Garin said Ryan’s personal likeability belies his true colors.
In the end, Ryan said the Sun is hot and Sen. Feingold agreed. What does that mean? Not much, but to a newspaper working the ropes for Ryan, it can be used to juxtapose Ryan's only challenger as the odd man out, no pun intended. And that is exactly what the Janesville Gazette attempted to do with this article. Afterall most would assume, if you can't agree with Ryan or Feingold, you must be some kind of an insufferable anti-social and disagreeable malcontent.

But Paulette Garin didn't take the bait, instead she exposed Ryan's false trust Jeckyl-like soft spoken concern over his constituent's hardship for exactly what it is - the deceptive morality only a Mister Hyde can serve.

Note: This posting is the sole opinion of its author and is not associated with a political party or campaign. If you agree with Paulette Garin, drop her a note of confidence at or offer to volunteer for her campaign. You can also donate to her campaign at Actblue.

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