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Friday, May 21, 2010

Oh…Congressman Paul Ryan wrote another op-ed.

His latest rant titled "Wall Street Reform Just More Crony Capitalism" is just another in a long line of misplaced opposition and errant logic based on pure ideology without any regard to reality.

In his twelve years in Congress, Paul Ryan couldn’t write legislation to save the robust manufacturing sector in his own district. GM and Chrysler vacated the premises and took over 10,000 family raising jobs with them. His district holds some of the worst unemployment in the state of Wisconsin. But that is not his fault, afterall, his past voting record doesn’t matter. It’s everyone else in Congress who were reckless.

In his twelve years he couldn’t write legislation to stop Wall Street from nearly burning to the ground, and after the fire, he didn’t write or institute legislation to install overhead sprinklers or smoke alarms. Instead he was a point man for TARP and ran to the collective system of taxation (government) for a series of capital injections to keep the free markets afloat. But no – that’s incorrect because he eventually admitted he voted for TARP not on the nuts and bolts of the bill, but primarily out of fear that not doing so would be used by Obama to sweep in a hallucinatory fascist liberal statist agenda he channeled onto the President. Ryan attempted to reframe Obama because Obama supported saving capitalism by using TARP without reservation. However, just when capitalism was teetering on total collapse, what fascist liberal statist or Socialist would want to save it? If Ryan was right, Obama would have made every effort to stop TARP to usher in the collapse. He did not. This is important because Obama and the Democrats supported TARP to save capitalism - as naive as it sounds, while Ryan admitted to supporting TARP for outrageously bizarre reasons. Ryan will say and write anything if it helps him worm his way through another term.

BUT, through all of this, he finds the time to write an intellectually dishonest and ideologically driven retro-gressive austerity plan called “Roadmap to America’s Future” that’s supposed to put us on the path to prosperity? In it, he pretends to protect Social Security by eventually changing the insurance based concept into a "personal savings plan" and intends on transforming Medicare into a flatlining voucher entitlement relying on self-imposed rationing by guilt-tripping the cost of seniors health care against the future of their own grandchildren.

It only figures. For the past year, Ryan and his cast of Republican obstructionists repeatedly said "no" at every chance they had to democratically engage in the health care debate. Even during Obama's live TV forum, the Republicans had a great chance to influence and shape the plan, instead they propped up the parochial math of the ideologically damaged Ryan to tear it down. Republicans repeatedly chose to avoid democracy. And now Ryan says "NO" again to financial reform.

Only one congressman continues to propagandize himself as a conservative and outside of blame and now claims our national debt is top priority while he voted to add trillions in tax legacies with Medicare Part D, TARP and the Iraq War - his name is Paul Ryan.

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Jack Lohman said...

No, and in 12 years he couldn't write a good health care bill, but now that he is out of power he has all the answers? Give me a break. This guy has stars in his eyes, and special interests in his pocket.

Jack Lohman

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