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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Moneyed Republican Wins Seat On Rock County Board

Ordinary citizens, working class and seniors of Rock County took another huge hit on Election Tuesday when Supervisor Jim Joiner of District 19 was defeated by Brent Fox. Fox is a key corporate member of the Hendricks Group, which was a major sponsor of the anti-democracy comedy "An American Carol" and a heavy donor to republican party candidates. Despite the private group's tremendous wealth, their right-wing tax-leveraged business development models nearly always include milking local tax treasuries under the guise of socialized risk and public/private partnerships. With the help from organized business and the local corporate media, their dominating influence is spreading unchallenged in south-central Wisconsin and can never be overstated.

Joiner's defeat has probably swung the county board's ideological pendulum in favor of the tax-shifting establishment Republicans which only means that the average local taxpayer's hope and modest fortunes are at greater risk than ever before.


Anonymous said...

So long Rock County. I'll be moving as soon as possible. I've had enough.

Richard Costerisan said...

What's going on with the voters? It's going to be a long tough battle to recover from these losses.

Lou Kaye said...

Only about 1 in 10 voters showed up in Rock County. You can bet most of them were energized teabaggers and members of the media enabled organized corporate power. All politics is local. Without organization, ordinary working class citizens will continue to lose representative government. Rock county is in trouble.

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