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Monday, April 12, 2010

Mining Explosion Should Haunt GOP

Yahoo Excerpt:
Virginia-based Massey has been under scrutiny for a string of safety violations at the mine, though CEO Don Blankenship has defended the company's record and disputed accusations that he puts profits ahead of safety. Authorities have said that high levels of volatile methane gas may have played a role in the disaster. Massey has been repeatedly cited and fined for problems with the system that vents methane and for allowing combustible dust to build up.
Other countries aren't so sanguine when it comes to mine safety. In 2004, China executed a party official for helping to cover up a 2001 tin mine disaster in Guangxi, which killed at least 81 miners.
HR 5522 Intro-Summary:
Combustible Dust Explosion and Fire Prevention Act of 2008

The bill, which was introduced March 4, 2008, hopes to require the Secretary of Labor to issue interim and final occupational safety and health standards regarding worker exposure to combustible dust, and for other purposes.
Rock Netroots excerpt:
Worker Protection
On another front no less important, Ryan voted against requiring OSHA regulations for controlling dust hazards in the workplace. HR 5522 would override weaker state rules that do less to prevent EXPLOSIONS! When Ryan voted "no" to this bill, he voted "Yes" to increased danger for workers.
That was from a posting about a series of Rep. Paul Ryan's votes against the working class back in 2008. The fact is, all three Wisconsin Republicans (Ryan, Sensenbrenner, Petri) voted against the combustible dust explosion and fire prevention act.

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Some one needs to be held criminally accountable. All those violations. People died because of them.

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