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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Libertarian Will Run Against Paul Ryan, Again

Joseph Kexel, the Libertarian candidate in the 2008 Congressional election who received 1% of the vote in the 1st Congressional District, announced that he is running again.

From the Racine Post, Kexel writes...
I am running for Paul Ryan's congressional seat. I am running as a Libertarian, so I will not be kicking Paul from the ballot. If he is on the ballot in November that is up to him and the voters in the Republican primary. Personally, having spoken with him at forums during the 2008 campaign, I like him. He would make a great neighbor...>>>more
That's the fighting spirit Joe. Did you vote for Ryan? Sheesh.

So far, we've got a genuine Libertarian running against a deep-pocketed, free market bail-out, corporate Republican establishment incumbent. Will the Tea Party support Kexel? Or do they like Paul Ryan too.

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