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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Democracy Still Under Siege In Rock County

County Supervisor Doesn't Trust Voters

Yesterday, the Rock County PS&J committee voted against the resolution to create an appointed medical examiner's office in place of the elective coroner's office, but the measure will still move forward for a full board vote tonight at the County Courthouse, 6PM. Residents are urged to attend.

Seven residents appeared before the committee and spoke against taking away their right to delegate authority for public office at the ballot box. County board member Louis Peer, who happens to be one of the prime sponsors of the resolution was the only one that spoke in favor of stripping away the voter's right.
Partial excerpt from Peer's full comment:
"I don't consider it in anyway taking away from my vote. “I vote for leaders in my community, and I trust them,” Peer said. “I delegate that power to them.”
Huh? Sure, when Peer votes, he votes for leaders that can be trusted and delegates the power of that office to them...not like us regular folks when we voted for our county coroner's office. What do we know? We're just idiots.

I don't know how many people would vote for someone whose policy position is to take away those voting rights.
Comment From The Gazette Blog:
"...The board members that want this have said this is not about her or the office or the job they've done. They have in fact praised what she has done. It's about "oversight". So an elected official, Peer, who is voted in, is voting to remove the rights for others to vote. Typical hypocrisy." -- malky15
On a side note: The Janesville Gazette finally issued a report on this major local event in today's paper, the day of the board meeting. What did the paper know and when? Why did they hold back from reporting on this at least a week earlier?

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Anonymous said...

The Gazette can practically see the board meetings from their windows. It also looks like the newspaper couldn't just report on the county board races and results objectively like the others. They have to embellish and reconstruct for the proper message.

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