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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Website Tracks Stimulus Money Spent In Rock County

The site, run through the state's Office of Recovery and Reinvestment, shows Rock County was awarded $53,970,266 in stimulus money of which $16.8 million is still due.

Of the $53.9 million awarded, approximately $39 million was awarded to Rock County school districts and another $5 million was divided between the county, Community Action, Family Services and Weatherization. The remaining balance of $9.8 million is earmarked for a variety of local road, bridge and infrastructure programs.

A few of the non-education recipients are...

County of Rock State Fiscal Stabilization Fund -- $2,826,027
Weatherization Assistance program -- $1,697,781
Community Action, Inc. of Rock/Walworth Counties -- $486,576
Family Services -- $65,171
Statewide, the top category by far is education spending at more than $1.2 billion. Second is transportation and infrastructure spending at $670 million.

View the full list of Rock County non-transportation recipients here. Then click "sub-recipients."

View full list of Rock County transportation recipients here. Then click "prime-recipients."

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