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Monday, March 22, 2010

Courageous Democrats Restore American Exceptionalism

Without a public option or a genuine "everyone in, nobody out" single payer plan, it certainly wasn't the health care reform I wanted. But considering everything - I'm elated the House passed it without one single Republican voting for it.

Yet once again, Congressman Paul Ryan was his usual embarrassing self espousing the politically expedient "give them death now instead of our childrens' debt later" straw man slippery slope crony capitalist hypocrisy among others....
Ezra Klein Excerpt:
Well, the bill passed. And moments ago, Rep. Paul Ryan was on the floor of the House, bellowing against Democrats who would dare propose "across-the-board cuts to Medicare." This is breathless opportunism from Ryan -- he has proposed far deeper across-the-board cuts to Medicare, and is making arguments against the Democrats' bill that would be far more potent and accurate if aimed at his own -- but leave that aside for a moment.
Take it or leave it, the health care reform vote could be the momentum Democrats have been looking for, for years. No doubt some Democrats will face heavy opposition in tough districts in the Fall, but no one can accuse them of voting in favor of HCR just to save their own careers or kowtow to their campaign donors. That's an argument to save for "Hell No" Republicans.

Dems finally mustered the courage to stand up and show some spine against the phony rhetoric, hate and lies perpetrated by the desperate and fraudulent Right, and return to the core principles and values which they are identified with by the nation.

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Proartist said...

I give thanks to all those who passed health care reform for ALL United States Citizens young, old, and in between. I am thankful that Every human being in the United States now has the right to health care. So that they may live a good and healthy life. With the freedom to obtain the American Dream. I am truly grateful. In the name of human rights. In the name of Freedom. In the name of love for our fellow human beings I give thanks for Health Care reform. I am thankful that health care is no longer a privelege only for the rich and greedy. To all those who never gave up. To all those who believed. I give thanks beyond what words can express. To our President Barack Obama for his leadership and strength and to all those who supported him against the opposition. To those elected representatives who upheld reform of the people, for the people, and by the people of the United States of America I give thanks.
As in many past Congressional debates and action, Republican "ideals" continue to try to pull apart our nation with prejudice and fear mongering. The lock-step GOP....who say they're against activist judges but now hope they can find some to overturn health care reform; who wail that State budgets are in trouble but somehow think states can find the funds to sue the federal government over this long awaited reform; who claim sole possession of "right to life" as a priority but not if you're poor or have a pre-existing condition; who feign concern about our grandchildren paying the bills for reform but never apply the same logic to so-called defense spending in unending war; who want the government out of the lives of the people but not when it comes that half of the population that are women asking for their legal reproductive health care. Ryan's rhetoric and self-absorption cannot overcome these "discrepancies". His total lack of representation, respect, and concern for the welfare of his Wisconsin constituents is reprehensible. Conversely, can be PROUD that Wisconsins' Rep. Obey was in the Speakers seat for this historic vote and that at least part of Rock County had Rep. Baldwin making them incredibly gratified. Whatever our politics or standings on any issue, we must call the bigots out when they show themselves amid the national discourse on vital issues. The worst Obama can be accused of is not working fast enough. However those who opposed reform came to their bigotry, whatever other good qualities they may possess, they are wrong on this and we must not imply endorsement by our silence.

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