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Monday, February 15, 2010

Ryan Should Resign From Congress On TARP Admission

Ryan's 1984
The Daily Beast Excerpt:
In the nightmare scenario of Rep. Paul Ryan—probably the House Republicans’ leading expert on health care and the federal budget—he’s standing in the crow’s nest of the Titanic shouting “Iceberg!”
The problem with that statement is, the disingenuous congressman would rather scuttle the Titanic with a bundle of dynamite to prevent it from hitting the iceberg, but not before contemplating on whether or not the resulting explosion can be used to further advantage himself. Never mind the folks on board.

In a recent interview, Upfront host Mike Gousha hammered Congressman Paul Ryan and exposed his forked-tongue shape shifting rhetoric for exactly what it is. Ryan's fumbling responses to a few simple questions topped the tank with illogical representations and baseless assertions. Anything more than an eye roll to his responses should be considered complimentary to the congressman.

Gousha throws the Congressman off of his circus act roadshow when he mentions the high unemployment in his district and asks, "what do they (constituents) need from you? Ryan not only views federal capital targeted for jobs stimulus as "borrowed money," but he also implies that returning those tax dollars to the pockets of his constituents under a federal program is little more than a pork project. In other words, Ryan is prepared to do absolutely nothing for his district. In the past, he's actually bragged about it saying he, will bring home even less.

But Ryan outdoes Gousha when he asks his own question, "If your congressman knew the fiscal crisis that occurred in 2008 was going to happen and did nothing about it because of politics, wouldn't you want to fire that congressman?"

What about when a Congressman isn't sure whether a fiscal crisis will occur, and makes the decision based on nothing but politics? That is exactly what Ryan admitted to in a recent interview at the Daily Beast when he spoke about his reasons for supporting the TARP.
The Daily Beast Excerpt:
"... TARP... represented a moment where we had no good options and we were about to fall into a deflationary spiral," he said. "I believe Obama would not only have won, but would have been able to sweep through a huge statist agenda very quickly because there would have been no support for the free-market system."
In other words, Ryan admits voting on what was arguably the most important and urgent piece of legislation in the past 60 years not on the nuts and bolts of the proposal, but on whether or not the resulting consequences can be used in any way to the political advantage of his imaginary enemy and ideological nemesis - the President of the United States!

Dishonest even to his own Randian ideology, at this point it must be understood that Ryan actually was the House GOP point man for TARP and ran to the collective system of taxation (statism) for a series of capital injections to help keep the free markets free of risk. From these most recent revelations, Ryan in his mind wasn't saving capitalism to save it, but did so to save capitalism from a hallucinatory fascist liberal statist agenda he channeled onto President Obama. Ryan attempts to reframe Obama because Obama supported saving capitalism by using TARP without reservation. But just when capitalism was teetering on total collapse, what fascist liberal statist or Socialist would want to save it? Obama did and Ryan can't face up to that fact.

But Ryan's media supporters claimed he was courageous for turning to the collective (state Socialism) for the rescue. But, that other option "individualism?" Was nowhere to be found.

And he thinks Democrats are unfairly criticizing his corporate-fascist societal manifesto? Paul Ryan is one scary dude.

Congressman Ryan is beyond reproach. I'd say he should save himself from the firing while the gettin's good... he should resign. Immediately.

View UpFront Interview here.

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