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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Ryan Should Expect A Tea Party Challenger

This is something that should be seriously considered.

In a previous post, I mused over President Obama's casual remark at the Republican Caucus conference when he spoke of Ryan possibly getting a Republican challenge. Perhaps I misread the President. But if you take the congressman's own words at some of his townhalls, it's easy to think he isn't a republican. Although he's a solid party-line loyalist and rubber stamped massive annual deficits for the Bush Administration, he constantly distances himself from George W. Bush and speaks about the current Dem-led and past GOP-led Congresses as if he has yet to become a participating member. How Ryan has been able to wash his hands clean of our blood is a magical trick indeed. Despite being the party's golden boy, he's still somewhat of a pariah among the more traditional conservatives.

The congressman has been making a huge media splash with his "Roadmap" novels and truth be known, the novels run opposite to both democratic ideals and most Tea Party ideals as well. His schemes transform health care into new voucher entitlements and self-imposed rationing by guilt-tripping the cost of seniors health care against the future of their own grandchildren. This is downright evil.

Ryan also views Social Security as a Wall Street investment cache illegally held by the U.S. Government and hopes to redistribute the federal notes into the capital markets before Congress has the chance to repair and regulate the broken system. drop the insurance based concept in favor of "personal savings accounts." This would eventually defund the core principal required to keep the Social Security safety net solvent. Ryan forgets that Social Security is in addition to personal savings accounts currently available to anyone. It is a non-transferable insurance policy designed to protect individuals from economic disaster. Think insurance - not savings.

His plans are said to potentially reduce the deficit slightly over 80 years. But in 2007 it should be remembered, George W. Bush projected a federal balance by 2012. So much for crystal ball theories.

With that, it is reasonable to assume this media exposure is meant to divert attention away and quell any Tea Party opposition. In the meantime, it's only ten months away from November and there is no time to waste if the Tea Party intends on toppling this Wall Street shill.
Down With Tyranny Excerpt:
And Paul Ryan's is one of Wall Street's most devoted partisans on Capitol Hill, a veritable lobbyist inside Congress for all of their interests. Teabaggers don't like politicians who voted for the irresponsible Bush bank bailouts. Ryan didn't only vote for it-- twice-- as a high ranking member of Ways and Means and Banking Committee, he persuaded dozens of reluctant GOP colleagues to vote for it and after it failed the first time, is said to have been the key figure in passing it the second time a week later!
There's no reason not to assume Ryan will run under the Republican banner yet again.

Ryan's district should be the ultimate litmus test for the Tea Party. If they run a viable candidate against him, I will be a believer. Are they what they say they are? Are they for real? Or are they just a tool for Fox News and the Republican party?

Ryan's Road To Recovery

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